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  1. My friend is touring with a show around the country right now so she's suffering this problem as a vegan and found a great app for her smart phone that she told me about. It's called "Happy Cow". It's like a $3 flat fee. It tell you all vegan, vegetarin, and gluten free restruant in the area of you, you just have to set the radius of travel. I've been using it and have found some really great places around me I didn't kno exsisted and it's the only way she's able to survive in a heahtly way on her tour.
  2. Their gluten-free pizza is also really great! It's a thin crust and personal which let's you avoid the toping fight. I got it a few weeks ago and loved it.
  3. I've found, when I want sushi at home, places like whole foods are the best for helping me out. They make it order as well as have several already there waiting. The majority of them aren't breaded and don't have sauce. It's about $7 a roll so it's not robbery and considering how you know you won't get sick I'm ok with that.
  4. It took me 4 months of testing and telling my doctor that something was wrong before they figured out I had hypothyroidism. I had no idea what it was so didn't know to look for it. All I knew was I was always tired, constantly thristy no matter how much water I drank, and even though we started the testing during the hottest summer in 5 years, I was always shivering and wearing a sweatshirt. Even with the diagnose it still took about a year to get my dose right on my medication. I can honestly say though that once I went on it I felt so much better. The days I take it too late or forget the refill on time I feel a change in my body immediately. Unforunatly, when I went gluten free 4 years later too much damage had already been done to allow me to go off my medication. However, the combination of the two allows me to feel normal. Believe me, I know taking meds sucks, but in the end it's all about making the best for you and taking care of your body. Your don't get to cash in for a replacement or an upgrade if this one breaks.
  5. I was trying to save some money by buying store brand nutella instead of the actual thing. I didn't carefully read the label sicne it had been fine the previous time I bought it. Unfortunatly, I was throwing up the whole next day and could barely hold down water. They had changed the recipe and just wrote "may contain gluten things". So much for saving 70 cents. Lesson learned, always read the labels.
  6. See if there is a gluten free store near you. That's how I first found them when I was living up north. You can also write to the grocery stores near you or that you use and request that they start carrying the Betty Crocker gluten free brand. If you present it to them with the fact that few/ no other suppliers in the area have yet there is a demand for it and would thus increase their sales they are more likely to start carrying it. Best of luck!
  7. I felt so much better. I guess for me the biggest improvement was my lack of migraines. Before cuting out gluten, I used to get 2-3 a week and that had been the case for 12 years. Sometimes they'd span several days. Now I only get 2-3 a month. HUGE change for me. Plus I don't have constant stomach cramps and pains anymore. I won't lie though after 2 months I was still strugging with what I could actually eat so my meals were kind of the same thing over and over.