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  1. I can definitely relate! I have had every weird symptom, sometimes all at once, sometimes different ones at different times... severe back pain for 8+ months, tummy ache/upset/constipation, ongoing joint pain, mood issues, heart palpitations, headaches, brain fog, memory issues, panic, depression and anxiety, acid reflux, loss of sex drive, on and on... I thought I was losing it, and sometimes still wonder how I started to piece it all together. I did THREE elimination diets, and blood tested for celiacs and when it came back negative I started eating gluten again thinking it must be something else, but my body said no BIG time, and as soon as I removed gluten I started to heal somewhat.    Sometimes, though, when the body is so damaged after years of unknown damage, it can react to things that never were a problem before. I really recommend just eating as simple as you can, fruits and veg and meat if you can tolerate them. For me, I have been sensitive to onions, but am hopeful that after some healing that will go away. My "safe foods" are things like apples, grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, and most veggies. I literally keep apples in my purse so I dont get into a bad spot and eat something I shouldnt. You just have to give in to prepping your own food for a while... the harder you fight it, the longer it takes to heal. I eat a giant salad every day at lunch, sounds lame but then in a week or less I started craving them. Trust me, your body wants whole real foods right now.   So I advise you to stay away from processed foods, maybe even chocolate, and just let your tummy get better. Dont worry so much about an "official diagnosis", just listen to your body. Of course, get the tests when you can, but eating super clean will help...
  2. I am recently self diagnosed as gluten sensitive after 3 go rounds with elimination diets, but not with celiacs officially. Although my symptoms tend to "creep up" over time, rather than hitting me like a bus as they do with some people, I have to say I deeply relate to the mood issue you are describing with your daughter. I know it must be rough being on the receiving end of that from a 7 year old, but as a 31 year old woman I was shocked how out of control my emotions were while in the throws of things, and even now as I continue to heal. Just hang in there, it gets better as she starts to feel better.   I have found that being insanely strict about what I eat is the only way I TRULY get relief from those mood swings. Just remember that she may not even realize shes reacting this way. I didnt, even as a grown adult... anxiety and confusion kind of just have a way of taking over, and you just go into a survival mode almost. There may be a lot of symptoms she cant even vocalize, or doesnt know how to describe that just bring her down.... mine included several back pain for 8 months straight, stomach pain/upset etc, ear ringing, constant back pain, brain fog, memory issues, lots of anger and bad moods, worsened cramps, constant urge to crack my joints, racing pulse, increased yeast issues, fatigue .... the list goes on... I found introducing kombucha tea (GT's kombucha is my favorite) helps expedite the healing process for me as it is a fermented tea that increases the good bugs in the stomach. It is an acquired taste, but my 7 year old god daughter loves it because I make it out like its a treat. Strawberry is highly recommended ;)    Youre doing great... this is VERY normal especially for a little one who doesnt get whats happening to her body.