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  1. As part of my regular lab tests my doctor assigns vitamin regimens which almost always contains iron and vitamin b12. I agree that nobody should take vitamins unless you absolutely need them. Food that contains the vitamins are much better than the supplements unless you have a serious deficiency.
  2. Did they do an ultrasound of the affected area?
  3. Sometimes when I try and select the site from the drops down menu it doesnt load the whole site with images. I have to physically type in the whole address which isn't an issue.
  4. This was just what I was looking for! Thanks.
  5. After I started having sharp pain, chest pain, and generally discomfort on my upper right side I had to have my gall bladder removed in May of this year. I agree that an ultrasound first to see what's going on underneath is a better idea than starting with the endoscopy. They are painful and very uncomfortable when results could be found with an ultrasound.
  6. I am in the same boat..just over a month of being gluten free but most of the time I still feel sick. Mornings in the bathroom are rough, needless to say...and I have been super careful! What else could I be missing?
  7. I appreciate this post. I've only been gluten free completely for just over a month, and I feel the same with only a little added energy. On particularly bad days I wonder if I have been glutened or if I am doing wrong. I have another doctors appointment next week and was going to bring that up, but this helped me realize this might take time. I guess I am just a little impatient.
  8. I was recently diagnosed and am having a hard time dealing with not knowing what to eat, even though my dietician gave me plenty of information and I have found plenty of useful information on this site. I guess my biggest problem is family events. My family is constantly having huge get togethers and they are chefs so they cook elaborate meals, appetizers, desserts...well, none of which I can eat and I feel left out most of the time. I never want to go anymore because its always awkward going into the kitchen full of people and make my own food. Is there anything I can prepare ahead of time?? And how do I explain to my family about all of this...they are always asking me questions and I'm never sure how to answer their barrage of questions.
  9. I too am wondering, there are many articles on the internet about that people should take many vitamins like a multi, A, K, E, B 12 etc..is this true and really needed?