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  1. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease at 2 years of age and we went on a whole house gluten-free diet at that time. When she was 12 she was diagnosed with AML leukemia. She underwent all the treatment protocols, including a bone marrow transplant from her full brother, who was a perfect match. He, however, was not celiac and after the transplant was fully engrafted she was retested for celiac disease (blood only) and showed none of the markers in the blood for celiac disease. Woohoo! Doctors were ecstatic, scientific papers were written. Everyone went back to the wheat based diet. That was 10 years ago and she is still cancer free. However, a couple years ago she developed seizure disorder and is on very strong and multiple medications for her seizures. She was also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, etc. We are of the thought that the celiac disease has returned, despite the transplant, and we have returned to the gluten-free diet. We have not had her retested for celiac disease but because there are other symptoms; the nausea, diarrhea, bloating, skin problems, etc that had been creeping in even before she started the medications for her seizures, we feel pretty certain she has a gluten issue again. I am asking if anyone has had a 'medically induced' remission from celiac disease and then a relapse, if it's possible, etc.? I also remember, way back when she was first diagnosed, I read a pamphlet that was published by a Canadian celiac group or foundation that specifically said there was a link between celiac disease and leukemia. I cleared out all my celiac disease reference materials when she was in remission and have never been able to confirm that again. Has anyone else heard or read of that connection?