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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks a lot...we suffered sooooo much and it was so hard to figure this out...
  2. Hi my dear friends...you won't believe what happened, I eliminated all coconut product and the problem solved the next day!!! it didn't happen when she had the blockage because no matter what, she had "diarrhea" which it was some form of liquid poo trying to go through the blockage, but as soon as the blockage was gone I started the coconut product again, so I couldn't notice any difference...oh boy!! somebody told about cross reactivity and seems that is what was happening...I could do a party, a novel wouldn't be as good as the felling I have now after a week of normal poo...I appreciate very much all your advices and support, seriously!!! now the 2 of us are completely off of any form of coconut...love you guys!!!
  3. She finally agreed to take chewable Tylenol and seems better from the fever, the diarrhea is mild for now, just 1 big splash in the morning, her stomachache is bad though...so confusing...
  4. Thanks dear, I'm suspecting Salmonella because I made mayonnaise yesterday and she got sick after that, but I may be wrong, she had fever and stomachache the whole night, but no more diarrhea,
  5. Thanks dear, she is sleeping now, the last time I took her temperature it was 39.6...I didn't want to take her to emergency because I've had so bad experiences there. I didn't give her the Tempra, she also didn't want to eat and drink anything. Before I knew she had Celiac, I use to give her Tempra and it was the only thing she would ever take, I know she would also take it now, but the ingredients are so confusing and on top, Tempra is not in the list of gluten free medication I found here: http://www.glutenfreedrugs.com/list.htm Also her heart rate was over 140 per minute, in telehealth they told me this happens when children get fever, I don't know, never heard of that before...
  6. My girl (4) has fever 40.3. I have tried all of the natural alternatives, but nothing seems to work. She would just take Tempra, but I'm concern about the gluten, here is the list of ingredients:Each 5 mL of cherry-flavoured syrup contains acetaminophen 80 mg. Nonmedicinal ingredients: artificial flavours and colouring, butylated hydroxyanisol, citric acid, polyethylene glycol, purified water, sodium benzoate, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, and sucrose. Help please!!!
  7. Does this Tylenol works for fever too? my girl has 40.1 now and I don't know what else to do...(9she is almost 5 years old)
  8. Thanks friends for your support. This is the thing, they found out about the blockage through an x-ray, then they gave her a bulk amount of laxative (PEG 3350) for three days. The day number three she was so sick that she had to lay down the whole day on top of towels because she was passing some kind of yellow water constantly, so I took her to emergency were a "doctor" told me to stop the medication and that the stool would brake down by itself, which it never happened. The last Friday I finally got an appointment to see her pediatrician who told me "this is not a simple stool blockage" but he doesn't know what it is, so he sent her to do a lot more test (blood and stools) meanwhile she still has diarrhea and pain.... I don't think I have more hair to pull out of my head
  9. Thanks dear, but now we are stuck with this impacted stool. We cannot make it move!! I took her to the hospital where they prescribed PEG 3350 which caused her severe pain and diarrhea (every 10 minutes), but the hard stool is still there so I suspended after 3 days (the doctor agreed) The doctor said it'll break by itself and I wonder how this is going to happen if it hasn't happen in almost 3 moths!! my poor little thing...
  10. And it WAS a blockage!! the doctor did an x-ray and there it was, a big piece of stools. Yesterday I took her to the hospital and they gave her PEG 3350 to take 3 tablespoons a day for 3 days, then move to 1 tablespoon for a month, I wonder if that is the best option, they said if it doesn't work I have to go back. I'm happy to know what it is and also concern thinking how could that happened, I know my girl and she doesn't hold poop and she has a very healthy diet. I thank you very much weluvgators for your advice because I went to my doctor office telling her about what you said so she could run more tests and she finally did; before she keep telling to wait and see I send you a big hug!!!
  11. Yes dear, I could feel she was uncomfortable even when she was in my belly, then she was born with severe reflux, but nobody could tell what was going on (neither could I) so doctors kept telling me she was just a "fussy girl" so sad. Fortunately I never believed that, because there was days when she was happy, but I couldn't figure it out why was that. I never stop my researching until the Celiac possibility came and I when to the doctor to ask for the Celiac test and there it was, clear as water. After that I started eliminating food and we finally started doing great on a paleo diet. Her stools were beautiful and the reflux was finally gone. This lasted for a couple of months until "I don't know how" we got sick (I have gluten intolerance too) but she hasn't been able to recover...in the middle of this diarrhea I started giving her half capsule of gluten/dairy/soy free probiotic and yesterday I started wit 250mg of L-Glutamine, other than that se is not getting anything. I'm alone in this because I have specialist app in December...When she was tested Celiac the doctor told me we were doing great, because despite the celiac, everything was fine, he said just iron was a little bit low, but still fine. The last tests were about "microbiology, culture and sensitivity parasitology" that is all what I know. Because everything was fine, the doctor told me just to wait and see...but it's been more than 6 weeks!! now she looks still happy, no reflux in back, she complain of stomach ache before having diarrhea...but I don't want to wait until she is completely sick... I'm so sad...
  12. no dear, they haven't looked at any blockage, just the stools tests, so I'll mention this as soon as I can get an appointment with the pediatrician to see if he can send her for an x-ray or ultrasound, I hope they don't send her to do anything invasive ;( I'm so afraid of all of this, and yes, I'll keep breastfeeding because it also comforts her a lot...thanks!!
  13. She got all of the stool's test done and they were negative and she has appointment with a gastroenterologist in December!! for the moment I'll do what you suggest (journal) and see how it goes. I'll go back to the pediatrician and mention about the eosinophil count. Thanks!
  14. Breastmilk is probably the reason why she is alive, there was times (before I knew she was Celiac, when she was so sick and the only food she could tolerate was breastmilk, it is nothing like cow's milk or any other milk and cannot possibly be replaced by a product, so that is not an option for us. I've been thinking about the strawberries, I just wonder how come she was completely fine eating al of the foods above plus much more, and now she is not. I'll try to cut down a little bit the amount she eats (she eats just 6 per day) and see what happens.