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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. He refused to do the biopsy. He said it would be a waste to do one because he was 100% sure that it was DH based on my symptoms and from how it looks. Should I not trust his diagnosis since he didnt do a biopsy? Dangit, now I am even more confused.
  2. Its not if it matter or not that they disagree Its that I want to know for various reasons if I have celiacs. I need to know if I need to get my kids tested and alert other family of it. I want to know so that I can be best treated for the issues I have going on and monitored regularly for.other issues. So basically i just want to make sure I have any testing that I can have done so I can get healthy again. The reason why I think it would be better to see the GI is because I assume they have more knowledge on the disease than my NP. I have had symptoms and have been deteriorating health wise for many years. I want to make sure nothing major is going on along with the possible Celiacs. How long do you have to be gluten free for testing to be inaccurate? It was a few months that I had been gluten free before my exposure (for one week I ate tons of gluten because I had to) but I was still being exposed in small doses that I didn't think about. Like they used soy sauce to cook the Chinese food we got frequently. Does the damage heal super quickly? I am having a hard time accepting this.
  3. Unfortunately I already have been gluten free for a little while. I am hoping that the dh diagnosis is enough for them to test for nutriitional defciencies and related conditions. I know I need to stay.gluten free forever but I wan.to make sure it didnt cause other issues. Like I bruise when I even itch my leg and my hair is falling out. I cant handle going back on gluten for weeks just to have other tests come back positive, i get way too sick. After a week I would be in the hospital. Is there anyway I could have DH and just a intolerance? Sone sites said only 80% of people with DH have celiacs but then others say DH for sure means Celiacs.
  4. Just an update in case someone comes across this and wants to know what the outcome was. It was diagnosed as DH and I was referred to a GI doc for more testing.
  5. Here are some pictures of the rash I have. It starts out just itchy skin but then little fluid filled spots pop up. They are incredibly itchy. I cant stop myself from itching and most creams or remedies make it worse. The way it looks now is after I scratch it all open on my sleep, I wish i had a picture of the fluid filled bumps. Then it will heal all up (leaves discoloration for awhile and scarring) and slowly disappear or flare on and of for awhile. I have been having it happen since I was a pre-teen but the doctors all would either say they didn't know what it was or that they think its eczema or atopic dermatitis. It happens on elbows, fingers, feet and occasionally on legs. I never made the connection to gluten until this recent outbreak was triggered by eating gluten for a week. (other symptoms are stomach upset, brain fog, mouth sores, bloating, nausea, fatigue, hair loss, easy bruising and vitamin d deficiency) Currently it is on my elbow, where it is most often but otherwise I will get the little fluid filled blisters randomly on my hands or other areas individually. I scheduled an derm appointment for Tuesday in hopes that they will do a punch biopsy and see if its DH. I have already gone gluten free because I noticed the correlation to my symptoms, so I cant do any other testing. I hope it doesn't go away again before I get to the derm. I tried looking up pictures of DH and other rashes to compare it, and I just end up confused. It seems like there are multiple types of DH or that it morphs different ways??
  6. Benefit To Getting Diagnosed?

    Thank you for that information. Is there any way to be tested without consuming gluten? I dont think I could handle being that sick just to test for it. I recently had a breakout of the DH but now its healing up. I am not sure if it can still be tested if its not new?? I guess I am off to do more research. I have a hard time accepting that I could have celiac
  7. Does anyone know if the gluten rash "Dermatitis herpetiformis" occurs only with Celiac disease or can it occur with gluten intolerance as well? I am getting mixed results while researching. Are there any benefits to being diagnosed Celiac? I get very ill from eating wheat (gastrointestinal symptoms, lethargy, gluten rash, nausea, foggy mind, stomach cramps etc) and I realized that, so I removed it from my diet. Then I told my doctor about it and she said there was no reason to do any testing, that if I knew it was a problem I just shouldn't eat it. Gluten isn't healthy anyway. But now I am wondering if it would be good to find out for sure if I have Celiac disease or just am gluten intolerant.