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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had posted the other day in regards to my husband. it had been a week and a half with no obvious relief of symptoms. Apparently he need a week and 5 days! His diarrhea is almost completely gone (5-8 times a day of terrible diarrhea), the extreme sweating is almost completely gone ( we had just accepted this as normal over the years..he would sweat all the time, regardless of temps, exertion..like..run off your head sweating), definitely more energy, and overall is without a question feeling better. It is amazing to us. Its two weeks today, and now we are wondering to what degree he is sensitive. Looking forward to seeing how good he can actually feel!
  2. Perhaps I was just a little impatient...last night was the first night in months that he did not need to get up once for the bathroom. Usually its twice..or more. No night sweats last night. Definitely sleeping better. Having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. Even though I felt like we had stumbled onto something that connects so many lifelong symptoms. For example...he was on blood pressure meds three years ago...of course that led to a myriad of other drugs including anti depressants. I began to search for natural treatments and came across treatment with magnesium. After much research..we decided to try naturally, with the idea that he might be mineral deficient. We were successful with addition of mineral magnesium and the mineral lithium orotate (mood swings, were trying to naturally replace anti depressants), he was off of all medications, including clonepin, within 3 months and has remained off for almost 2 years. I know we were on right path..although I didn't follow it far enough to find out WHY he might be nutrient deficient. Patches of dry skin, just below elbows on outside of arms. Panic attacks, extreme fatigue that has gotten so much worse in the last 6 months..and finally it was the diarrhea that led to searching for possible answers. So now that there is the glimmer of hope we are on the right track...its hard to believe this may have been affecting him for years..unknown. It really is a bit overwhelming! Thank you all for the advice. Hopefully he continues to show improvements, even small, to encourage him that we are on the right track!
  3. He did say he thought he was sleeping a little better, and that he had a little more energy. I think I'm grasping at anything that could be a sign we are on the right track! I've been trying to cook a variety of foods thinking it would make the switch easier. Help him not feel deprived, but I think in doing that I may not have been giving his gut time to heal. Will pull back to a little more bland and simple foods for a bit and see if we notice any change. I really was hoping to see a change in the relentless diarrhea sooner. Seems like that alone would be exhausting! Thank you for the advice...we will keep on this course for awhile longer!
  4. I have not replaced kitchen equipment yet. Spices, all food items I have. I guess I thought such a drastic reduction in gluten would show something, even if I had missed something like counters and boards. Can this small of a possible cc, result in no improvements at all, in spite of removin all foods? I think I'm just doubting what I was so certain of a week and a half ago! Would he benefit from reintroducing a larger amount of gluten? I know he's craving and would be happy to try in hopes that he has zero reaction and can disprove that he might have gluten sensitivity!
  5. Hello, I am new to the board and am here and researching on behalf of my husband. After much research we determined that we thought it was highly probable that he was gluten intolerant and possibly celiac for many years. His list of symptoms points directly at gluten sensitivities. He felt bad enough that he was willing to start gluten-free as soon as we suspected it. He has been completely gluten-free for a short time, a good week and a half, but long enough that we expected some little sign that we were on the right track! I have researched everything I've put in front of him, love to cook and am comfortable with what I have used so far, with the exception of possible cc of a curry powder I used early on. He has not cheated..he has stuck to whatever I have prepared or researched as safe for him to purchase. We had hoped the diarrhea would show some signs of slowing down but he has had no relief. He is not passing any solids..and doesn't seem to be slowing down how often either. We thought that perhaps he was getting relief from night sweats as he had two nights without them..but then last night he had night sweats and some raised an itchy rash on ankles. Sunday he had a panic attack..although it didn't seem to last as long as usual...we feel like we are grasping for straws! We just don't seem to be making any headway at all. He did a celiac test, it came back negative, but he had been gluten-free for a good week, so not sure whether to trust the results. Any ideas? He has consumed some cheese. Has cut out milk. It seems like with the drastic removal of anything other than the slightest cc..not even sure where that would come from at this point, there should be something noticeable. Can we be on the wrong track..or is this typical? Thank you for any advice you can give!