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  1. My son has been going to a gastro doctor on and off for several years. He was first referred because he wasn't gaining weight. We went through tons of tests and nothing. A couple of years ago he was sent again because he had been having chronic diarrhea and was below weight. He has a history of stomach issues since birth. The gastro doctors havent found anything wrong with him. However, the chiro we see does Kinesiology and has told me that both of my kids should not be eating gluten. About 3 months ago I started seeing a new doctor for my fibromyalgia and all the other things that no one could help me with. Turns out that I have psoriasis, hypothyroidism and other stuff. She recommended I go gluten free so I did. I have been gluten-free for a little over 2 months now. My headaches are gone and I am feeling better. I took my son to see her because he was having trouble concentrating, achy all over, STILL very skinny, etc. She did some lab work and when we went back she said everything looks good but she thinks he is not absorbing his nutrients and we have done another blood test to show all of that. She did give me a copy of his labwork and said that his Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum was low - 69 (77-278 normal). She said she doesnt know much about it being low and wanted to research it. Researching it for myself has brought me here and I was wondering if any one can tell me what it may mean. I should also mention that the last time he was at the gastro they diagnosed him as "failure to thrive" but never did anything. He is 14 years old and weighs 72 lbs! He also has Hemophilia. Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum 69 t-Transglutaminase (iTG) IgA