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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi all! I have been gluten free since May 1st and I finally feel almost 100% back to my healthy self, thank goodness. I also gave up dairy as recommended by my doctor. I was wondering how soon you guys were able to have dairy again after you gave it up? I know the only way to see if I can tolerate it again is to try eating it, but I'm just feeling so great and don't want to mess it up! Hearing some of your experiences would be helpful! Thanks, Kristin
  2. Unable To Gain Weight!

    Try Ensure Plus once or twice a day! It has worked incredibly well for me
  3. Notme! The same thing happened to me! So freaky
  4. RMay, I know what you mean by feeling like there is a knot in your intestines! Before I was diagnosed I almost always felt discomfort in my intestines like that. I also had constipation as well as a first symptom. I had a lot of pressure and pain my upper abdomen. All those symptoms are gone now that I am gluten free. I know I can't say whether you have Celiac or not, but I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone in those symptoms! Have you considered getting the blood test despite what your doc says? If you do want to get the blood test, don't go gluten free until you get it because it can mess with the results Good luck with your health and I hope you get to feeling better! Digestive issues can be so frustrating. Hang in there! Kristin
  5. Koi Sushi & Thai?

    I was recently diagnosed and I really want to go out for sushi, and i know that most simple sushi (except most crab) is often gluten free. Koi Sushi & Thai is very close by and I was wondering if anyway has any experience with their sushi that they can share? The woman on the phone said that they have sushi that is gluten free but I'd like to hear of anyone's personal experiences with the restaurant! Thanks!
  6. Ah, never thought of food coloring. I have rarely eaten foods with food coloring since I switched to gluten free so maybe that's it! I'll definitely not try them again. Thanks guys!
  7. Okay so I know that Post claims that their fruity pebbles are gluten free. But I ate them the other day and had AWFUL stomach cramping. I didn't really see the connection then, so I ate them again this morning and I'm having bad symptoms again. Fruity pebbles are the only new thing I have added to my diet in the past week. I was only diagnosed about 2 months ago so I know I am still healing, but has anyone else had issues with fruity pebbles? Kristin
  8. My very first celiac symptom was chronic constipation. For months that was my only symptom- no pain, just never being able to go! I know it's the worst feeling and I'm sorry you've been dealing with it for so long I hope if you talk with your doctor he will be willing to do a blood test. I know the IBS diagnosis can be an annoying one to get. But DON'T cut out gluten products until you get testing because you need to be eating gluten for the tests to be accurate. I can't give any insight to the itching and sneezing, but maybe someone else on the forum can. Good luck and I hope you start feeling better!
  9. I had a positive ttg and then had a biopsy. I was told on the phone that I had a negative biopsy and then when I looked at the pathology report WEEKS later it said I had slight gerd and an increase in intraepithilial lymphocytes and that a full celiac panel was needed to truly exclude celiac disease. (My first doctor was awful) Then, my celiac panel was positive for 3 things and I was diagnosed by someone new! My villi damage was missed in my biopsy. You should ask to see your pathology report, that's always a good idea! What parts of the panel did you have done previously? I'm so sorry they won't run everything- doctors can be so annoying. You could have NCGI, but you could still consider getting the whole panel. Because if I hadn't, I wouldn't know that I have celiac! Good luck with your health and I hope you get answers as soon as possible! Kristin
  10. Thanks everyone. This disease is just such a bummer! Did you guys have a lot of absorption and food digestion issues too?
  11. Okay so I'm newly diagnosed (a few weeks ago). I've only been truly gluten free for just under a month, so I know I am still healing and need to be patient. I'm still having abdominal pain occasionally and my BM definitely aren't normal by any means. I still have weird symptoms (cramps, gas, discomfort) and keep getting worried that something else is going on, even though I've tested negative for basically everything else. How long did it take for you guys to have your digestive system back to normal? I know one month is not long at all, but I was wondering how long it took you guys to return to normal and if you had bumps in the road like I have. Thanks! Kristin
  12. That happens to me too! It's really creepy. I don't know why it happens but I thought I'd let you know it happens to someone else Kristin
  13. Thanks Michelle1234 and nvsmom! I already have a good probiotic. I will look into both of the things you guys mentioned. How often did you guys take them when you were first healing? I know it's probably different for everyone, but did you guys take them at every meal, once a day, or what? Thanks! Kristin
  14. Hi guys! I finally got an official diagnosis from a new doctor today. Not to say that I'm happy I have celiac disease.. But am happy to finally have a diagnosis Anyway, My doctor mentioned taking digestive enzymes and I was wondering if anybody could tell me what has worked best for them? Thanks! Kristin
  15. Thanks guys! All of these links were extremely helpful. I want to slam this on my old doctor's desk and maybe he'll realize how little he knows about celiac testing, but obviously I never want to see him again! Thanks again guys, I'm definitely going to show my PCP all of my tests results and hopefully he'll realize that three positive blood tests and early signs of celiac on a biopsy AND response to a gluten free diet warrant diagnosis. Kristin