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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Options / Opinions ?

    Thanks for all the ideas and we will be planning the trip over this weekend and I have bee thinking along the lines of finding things that we could do at rest stops etc for breakfast and lunch .. an then a restaurant for dinner.
  2. Options / Opinions ?

    No the "diet " for GP (Gastroparesis) is a gluten filled diet.. NO fruits no veggies.. rarely any meat.. breads and pasta are ok. baked potatoes etc.. Basically the stomach does not empty (in her case) or empties slowly. As for the testing I am not truly sure what kind of test other than blood.. but of the 4 "specialist" we saw 2 scoped her and neither did any bi opsies or looked for Celiacs ,, and a 3rd just ordered a genetics blood test which also came back positive. they now say that her GP has cleared up as there are 2 kinds one that goes away after a while adn one that does not.
  3. Ok.. Without making a book here .. My daughter (now 20 yhad a lot of GI problems.. so after being DX'd with GP I asked our family Dr to test her for Celiac's .. He said that her test came back at a 21 (1-3 being normal) this was over a year ago .. So in addition to the C diet she could not eat Fruit or veggies and meat was a no no .. it was mostly potatoes and junk food (little bit of chicken). Ok so her GP is now gone.. and the Dr we saw that was a specialist for GP said he didnt think she had Celiacs (needless to say she got off all food restrictions and eat anything she wanted ie bread etc) she has been tested again same results as well as having a genetics test... all say she still has Celiacs.. She still doesn't feel well... So she has decided to go back on a gluten-free diet !! Ok.. here is the newest kink in our plans.. We are being transferred half way across the country, ( we will be driving about 6 days as we also have a 3 yr old ) We leave in 3 weeks So as much as I hate to ask this... Do we go ahead and start gluten-free or just cut back ,, I guess my question is Did yall just get up and go gluten-free OR did you wean your self off ? Should we start now? Or weight till we get moved? Thoughts ??
  4. Sorry I wasnt clear.. My daughter is 20 years old.. She has had several DX ... PCOS .. she also had GP ( . Gastropariese <sp?> ) but that has resolved. So she has now decided to go gluten free (again) as she did for a for a little while and quit... I also have a 3 yr old that has been tested and told does not have Celiac's ... So that is part of the problem as well as the 3 yr old is all over all of us with hugs and kisses (she tries to hug everyone even strangers ) so I think we will all go mostly if not totally gluten-free.. but my biggest question is about the oven and microwave... are they really safe if her food is covered??
  5. Ok my daughters been diagnosed with Celiacs..,, I have been reading some places say we need 2 of every thing .. and some things say not so much.. I am thinking it is going to be easier if we go almost totally gluten free as well .. but I am wanting to be sure that I am not wasting my time / money cooking gluten free items in a contaminated oven?? ect. Do I need to do anything special to the oven.. it is not self cleaning.. Tonya