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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pregnant And Nauseated - Help!

    7 weeks as well. I had two miscarriages this year. After being gluten free conception as easy and now I feel TERRIBLY sick, and dizzy, and out of breath. And I am thrilled. Just remember that the nausea is a sign that your hormones are going crazy to facilitate a life growing inside you. And this makes you feel icky. I have found that citrus had been helping me. and Juicing. Good luck. and congratulations.
  2. Pregnancy Food

    I'm seven week and feel icky REALLY icky. I don't stop feeling sick until 1pm. One thing that is helping is using my juicer every day and juicing carrots, oranges or apples, and some other veggie like cucumber or beet.
  3. I am right there with ya! It's the texture! I have been craving a grilled cheese with avocado and mint chutney. I almost threw up after a few bites. It was like the gluten-free bread grew in my mouth. Not sure how to explain it. I have normally liked the bread. If you do find gluten-free things you like good luck. Honestly I have found 1) oranges are helping me not want sweet breads. And 2) Juicing every morning is helping with cravings as well.
  4. wasn't glutened. Just pregnant
  5. "Gluten sensitivity is NOT an allergy, although some people (including some with celiac disease) have an allergy to wheat." Thanks for the clarification. I think I continually use misuse the term "allergy" That also explains why all the Allergists tell me I am not allergic to anything even thought I seem to always have allergies.
  6. Ok so I know this conversation from below is LONG. But maybe some one can give my some prspective that what "apple" and "orange" are saying. Who is correct? Anita Rocchio Williams Never been through the testing for Celiacs. But 100% certain I have an intolerance. I ate a bite of Jax's food at a restaurant forgetting it had flour is a thinkener for the sauce. Pretty sure that caused me to have the abdominal pain yesterday and some of today. Tuesday at 3:08pm via mobile · Like Hermes Sounds like the symptoms. My sister in law has it, so I know a little about it. It does get difficult when trying to figure out good recipies for the bready stuff, but it's mostly consuming a diet of fresh foods and produce. It definitely helps you eat cleaner! I've thought about trying it for that reason alone! Lol. Tuesday at 3:18pm via mobile · Like Apples I use a bunch of applesauce for gluten-free baking. Tuesday at 3:36pm via mobile · Like Oranges You might want to think about getting tested, Anita. See what your medical nutritionist says. I've heard that anyone who cuts gluten for a while and reintroduces it can have symptoms like those you describe. Tuesday at 5:30pm · Like Apples IMO, the testing is likely unnecessary at this point. It's just an extra expense and the outcome is the same - you can't have gluten either way. Plus, getting tested means that you'll be miserable for a few weeks because you must have lots of gluten in your system for them to test for a reaction. Tuesday at 5:42pm · Like Oranges Anita, as you know, my mother-in-law just went through testing and was diagnosed with Celiac's. She had a very different experience and very different advice than Apples. Which is probably why you should leave it to an expert to determine what you need to do. Tuesday at 5:44pm · Like Apples I'm curious what the difference was, Orangesl. If you have Celiac's, you cannot have wheat or gluten. There is no cure. If you have a wheat allergy or a gluten intolerance, you cannot have wheat or gluten. There is no cure. If you have any of these things and you do eat the offending food, you will be sick. Tuesday at 5:48pm · Like Oranges I'm quite familiar with Celiac disease as my mother-in-law was just diagnosed with it and I have several friends who have it as well. Without getting into too many details, the doctors indicated that she should continue to have a small amount of gluten up until her diagnosis (not lots), and that eliminating gluten completely from one's diet can cause an adverse reaction upon reintroduction (in anyone, not just those with Celiac's or an intolerance). His advice was not to eliminate it unless and until it became necessary. In my limited research, I've read a number of articles indicating the same and providing specifics as to why this is the case. But again, I'm not an expert. Tuesday at 5:54pm · Like Anita Rocchio Williams It is hard to decide what is best. When you go to the Celiac website and forum there are a lot of reasons to get tested. But if you do not have celiac and are just intolerant the only way to know is to go off it, see if you symptoms improve, then take it. If you do have a reaction, you are sensitive. At least that is what the forums say. There is a medically recognized difference between gluten sensitive/intolerant and celiacs disease. One is more like an allergy the other is an auto immune disease. The nutritionist as already told me to stay away from gluten. Since I have started down this path and feel better I can continue this way for a few month and let me body heal. Then I might introduce gluten by eating just a little. One cracker/ day for week is likely to get positive test results without having a huge reaction (if you have allowed your gut to heal). However, per advice of a Medical Professional, I am not having gluten. I have known for at least 10 years that I am sensitive. But have never cared enough to stop eating things I like. The only advantage of getting a true medical diagnosis is so that the hospitals, and jails legally have to prepare gluten free food for you. And if you are ever in a stadium/concert or venue that does not allow food you are allowed to bring in your own gluten-free food (with Dr. note). Tuesday at 5:57pm · Like Anita Rocchio Williams I know a lot of people have very strong opinions of Gluten free. and Celiacs. I have gotten my information from Celiac.com (the website that webMD refers you to) and two different nutritionists. Tuesday at 5:59pm · Like · 1 Oranges I just hate to see anyone going gluten free if they don't have to! It's tough! And, if you're diagnosed with Celiac's, it's even tougher! Let me know if you need any resources... my MIL (and all of us, really) are learning quickly! Tuesday at 6:06pm · Like Anita Rocchio Williams Oranges, I guess I am wondering why someone would ever go off gluten if they didn't need to? If there weren't already sure they were at least sensitive. I have seriously had at least 4 doctors tell me to stop eating gluten and/or get tested. Had I not already known I am at least sensitive I would never give it up. It is inconvenient and not very fun. However, when you go off gluten for a few weeks, headaches are gone, back no longer hurts, brusies heal, RLS is gone, you sleep better, you acne clears up, you anxiety lessons, and other great things happen. It is motivation to continue with the lame ass food restrictions. All of the above are symptoms. Tuesday at 6:06pm · Like Apples But even a small amount of gluten for those with an intolerance, allergy, or Celiac's (diagnosed or not) can be extremely painful for weeks and it can cause symptoms for months. Anita said she had a bite of food with flour in it. And that was enough for her to feel sick. I think that if you know it makes you sick, then why have it at all? I haven't done limited research. I've done extensive research. My little one cannot have wheat or gluten. I don't know if she has Celiac's. It doesn't matter - the result is the same. If she has gluten, she's sick for days or weeks regardless of the diagnosis. I work for a company that trains food services professionals (cafeterias, restaurants, schools) on serving people with special dietary needs. Celiac.com is a great resource and what your nutritionist is telling you to do is very typical. Identifying the culprit making you sick is the hardest part. No one is going to ask you for a note that says you cannot have gluten - it's like asking someone to prove that they cannot walk so they need a wheelchair. Tuesday at 6:09pm · Like Anita Rocchio Williams Oh, and yes I went off Gluten before realizing the the smart path was to get tested first. But after being off it for a week (and feeling better) there was no real advantage of getting sick again for a positive test. When I can get tested in a few month when I am more up to feeling horrible for a diagnosis. OK so I would love it if someone could give me insight as to what "Oranges" is talking about.
  7. So I have been off gluten for about a month. I feel better than ever. I went off gluten before thinking of being tested for Celiac or sensitivities. I slowly became convinced that all my health problems were related to gluten. So I have a friend who is telling me OVER and OVER and OVER. That going off gluten without a diagnosis can be very dangerous. Her doctor said it can make a person very sick once they eat gluten again even if they have no allergies. My nutritionist said, "IF you feel better not eating, it don't eat it. IF you feel sick when you eat it, don't' eat it." Apparently my friend read a study that showed that people who were not gluten sensitive or celiac became very ill with celiac-type symptoms after going off gluten and then reintroducing this to their diet. Has anyone heard of this? Have you read these studies? Have you heard that gluten can make you sick if you illuminate it and then eat it?
  8. Gluten Free Prenatal Vitamins

    I use Whole Food vitamins from Natural Grocery/Vitamin cottage. IT is labeled soy free/gluten free certified.
  9. thanks for the encouragement everyone. I am not sure why I feel so horrible today. I am VERY tired. I was light headed and dizzy most of the day. Twice I stood up and almost fainted after getting a crazy head rush. This used to happen to me a lot. Last night after dinner I felt nauseated, and had a stomach ache all night. My stomach was still sore today. When I say sore I mean my abdomen is very tender to the touch. The only thing I could think of is that our brown rice doesn't specifically say Gluten Free. But everything else we ate was gluten free, soy free and vegan. Now that it is evening I am feeling better. Could I have been exposed to gluten and had this much of a reaction?
  10. Hi, I am new to the forum. First, I have known that I have some type of gluten sensitivity for awhile, if not celiac. I have constant back pain, and I have noticed it increases or decreases according to my bread/gluten intake. Also in college I avoided EVERYTHING the bakery made because I learned from process of elimination that withing 30-60 minutes of eating their delightful bread I would get stomach pains that made me cry and literally fall down wherever I was. Sometimes I would be walking to class and have to just sit down on the sidewalk for 5 minutes until I could walk again. That being said, I have had about 4 doctors in my life tell me to either go off gluten or suggest I get tested. I always blew it off because, honestly, I thought "gluten intolerance" was just a new fad-type diagnosis (ignorant, I know). So recently I have changed my mind. I try to tell people "I am healthy." I do not drink, smoke, or use drugs. I am vegetarian I exercise about 4 times a week. I am not over weight. I never eat fast food or overly processed food. I don't buy "junk food" I have had fitness test conducted and in all categories I am above average for my age (32). On paper I am healthy. But healthy doesn't feel like this. Healthy isn't loosing all her hair! Healthy doesn't bruise when I butterfly lands on her (exaggeration) Healthy doesn't need 10 hours of sleep at night Healthy doesn't have constant back pain, and joint pain Healthy doesn't have uncontrollable acne Healthy don't feel anxious all the time (even with therapy) Healthy doesn't feel foggy all the time Healthy doesn't get random debilitating side cramps that feel like a butcher knife had been stabbed in her stomach Healthy doesn't go to the ER with those cramps just to be turned away when nurses tell you you just needed to have a BM Healthy doesn't have two consecutive miscarriages after an extremely easy time with their first child. Healthy doesn't then have doctors tell her she isn't ovulating, then she has endometriosis (when she's NEVER been told that before) Healthy doesn't get constant bladder or yeast infections after going on bread binges (Yes I have noticed they seem to coincide) Healthy doesn't have constant allergy symptoms dispite going to two different allergists, having allergy tests taken, and being told she is not allergic to anything. --constant sinus drainage, 3-4 sinus infections a year and itchy eyes Healthy don't feel like she is always in the verge of getting the flu. Like my body is always fighting a bug SO those symptoms being put out there. I have decided to go off gluten for 60 days and see how I feel. I know now that this is not the best way to approach things. Thanks to this forum I now understand why testing is so important. However, I have been off gluten for all of 5 days. I have already noticed my face looks better (not as inflamed looking). My back pain was better until this morning (the Rice dream rice milk I had last night is not gluten free). And this morning when my son woke up I didn't feel like I needed an additional 2 hours of sleep on the couch. SO my questions is. . . . How long after being gluten free did YOU start to feel relief from some of your symptoms? I know everyone is different. But I would love to here about other's recovery time. Thanks. I have found this forum AMAZING. I wish I could reach through my computer and give you all a hug