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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I would go gluten free first and processed food free..not the sugary/gluten frees stuff. I have felt better than I had for years..stomach issues disappeared, joint pains gpne, I still struggle wth hashimotos and need to buckle down and probably do dairy free, but have not yet. Read on Mark Hyman. Great functional Dr and Isabella Wentz a pharmacist who has hasimotos herself. It's a journey!
  2. Oh my gosh..you are suffering. Find a good functional dr, that will take your whole self into the picture. I went gluten free about 4 years ago, but replaced all the reg. food with gluten free food..bread, cookies, cereal etc...then I went to preventative cardiologist, and she told me its the sugars that raise cholesterol, etc.. I also have thyroid disease. So I ditched pretty much everything that is processed food. no bread, pasta, cookies I eat meat, veggies, fruits, I feel better than I have in forever, lost 30 # dropped cholesterol 35 points. I still struggle with getting thyroid stable. I cringe when I hear people say they are going to try and cut back on gluten it is either all or nothing. I also got some good advice from the Wheat Belly dr., who is a cardiologist.he has patients that have given up gluten and have reversed heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and on and on. I believe our wheat we are altering today has been the problem of many illness that we are suffering today. good luck
  3. I have struggled with acid reflux..the silent type that causes a chronic and annoying cough. I have gone through allergy testing, my great functional Doc was stumped..thought allergies..I am almost 100 % sure its caused from my thyroid. I had graves for 7 years, then found this great dr, am now being treated for hashimotos, but it flip flops back and forth, so right now too much cytomel and it cause this cough, and I feel like its backing up into my throat. So I taper off my meds a bit to slow down the digestion and all the stuff that being hyperthyroid can cause. I am also gluten free, and have eaten better now than I have the past 10 years. Mostly whole foods, with a few cheats of sugar here and there.It is such a constant struggle just trying to eat gluten free and then throw the thyroid thing in.
  4. I too am struggling with something. I have had thyroid disease now for may years between graves and hashimotos..have had chronic cough off and on for 10 years. I am gluten free and try to eat whole foods, but slip in pepsi and some sugar.i feel like its tied to thyroid, but drs don't want to hear that. light bulb went off recently and I think its acid reflux back into my throat hence the cough. trying to eliminate foods as I feel that acid reflux is from a food and not just something we get and live with and take meds for it. anyone else have cough..I mean a cough that is sleep/social/work disruptive at times. And people look at you like you have the plague