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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Glutening Reactions

    Thank you all. I thought it was odd having different reactions, but now I see it's not. I am sure overtime I will learn more about my reactions and how sensitive I am to things. It's a long strange journey, I am sure
  2. So... I messed up last night and really I know better. My salad came with croutons, and I just picked them off. I was starving and service was terrible. Over the weekend I accidentally ate 3 jordan almonds before I realized they were not gluten free, I didn't have much of a reaction, just some painful gassing. But these croutons... they are doing a number on me. Painful gassing, awful noises, cramps, bloat, and today I still am feeling all of it. I am just wondering why there is such a most intense reaction this time that then almonds. I am wondering if people react more to some foods than others. Like because the crouton crumbs had more gluten than the almonds...
  3. Female Cramping...men Read At Your Own Risk :)

    I actually had the opposite effect. Before, while eating gluten that time was miserable, I would have to take anti-inflammatory meds 2x a day 3 days before the start to reduce cramps. Even then, miserable. I also had tons of GI issues the first day or so. I had to take 2 consecutive months of BC for it to be manageable for me. I have had my first since going gluten free and it was a dream. Hardly any cramps, not totally exhausted, I actually felt human. I am hoping this wasn't a one time thing, I am hoping this becomes a regular thing.
  4. My doctor advised that my family get tested as well since my results were positive. A family members Tissue Transclutaminase IgA cam back 1.23 (<.90 as standard range). Could it be elevated because they are directly related (immediate family member). Thanks.
  5. Thank you all. At this point, my doctor is considering my diagnosed. Right now it seems a bit intimidating but I am sure that will lessen over time. I am hopeful that a gluten free diet will solve many of my auto-immune issues that I have and that doctors haven't pinpointed what the cause was (until now). Thank you all.
  6. Thank you all for the responses. I don't know whether the gliadin was "anti-glliandin" or "demitdated gliadin". I have already slowing started to eat gluten free and have cleaned out my pantry. My GP says I most likely have Celiac, she will refer me to GI should my symptoms continue, as of now she is treating me to have Celiac. I am fine with the diagnosis and have accepted it as it really does connect so many dots. My stomach always "hates life" as I put it. It's never been happy, but I've always thought it was normal. Now I know it's not. I am just trying to understand what each test means in regards to Celiac.
  7. I went to the Dr. for my yearly exam. While there she feels my stomach and starts asking about stomach issues, my heritage, ect. She says she wants to test me for Celiac. I have a high ANA and various other autoimmune symtoms (mouth sores, rashes, joint pain) and they haven't pinned down what could be causing all this yet. Well, the test came back and she strongly advises I start a gluten free diet. If symtoms don't improve in a month or so, I am to make an appointment with a GI. Below are my lab results. I am just wondering if there might be something else, but this seems to connect the dots and makes sense. And Celiac has been added to my health record as of now. Immunoglobulin A 113 (standard range 81-426) Gliadin IGA 19 (>10 positive) Gliadin IGG 33 (>10 positive) Tissue Transglutaminase IGA 83 (>10 positive) Tissue Transglutaminase IGG 1 (>10 positive) Thank you all in advance. If it is Celiac, I can tell this place will be a great resourse.