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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ibs And Hysterectomy

    Thanks every1. I was never worried about having the hysto I was kind of looking forward to it lol, I was just wondering if it helped w/ the IBS or was hoping for to much. I know it's not a cure but I would be grateful for a 1% improvement....
  2. Ibs And Hysterectomy

    We have been suppressing ovulation w/ meds but my body isn't handling it very well. It's like it can sense the need to go into a cycle and can't and my bowel become inflame still killing my lower back. But she did an ultrasound and found evidence of a " spongey " uterus so now I go in for out patient procedure thru the belly button ( which the insurance wanted any way) this up coming week.
  3. Ibs And Hysterectomy

    Only time will tell . I'm just trying to stay positive in the mean it and jump thru their stinkin hoops. Thanks for all help!!'
  4. Ibs And Hysterectomy

    My gyno office called this evening to say that BCBS decided to deny my surgery at the last minute . If I was a betting gal I would say the person whom denied it has male plumbing! Now they have my doc and I jumping through hoops and dang it my muscles hurt to much to keep jumping not to mention girls w/ big boobs aren't ment to jump!!! Ok...I feel a lil better now after venting.
  5. Ibs And Hysterectomy

    And I'm having surgery 3-13-13 so if I don't respond in a timely manor you know why. Lol
  6. Ibs And Hysterectomy

    I'm 31 and I've been gluten free for almost a year, not only with my food but w/ every products. I've always have had a history w/ my periods I.E. small clots cysts bad cramps. But since the IBS dx the clots are now the size of cutie oranges, severe watery D, and vomiting. I lost 5lbs in 3 days and was extremely weak. With an active 5 year old I can't afford to go down like that.
  7. What The Heck?

    Is there gluten gum? And I'm not referring to chewing gum lol. I mean xantham(sp) gum, gaur gum, etc... I've notice if the word "gum" is in the ingredients even if its gluten free its just best for my sister and I to avoid it.
  8. Does anyone else have severe IBS?? I'm on 3 different IBS meds now and I'm even having a complete hysterectomy.
  9. Neurological Symptoms?

    After reading ever1s post I started silently crying... I too have the hand tremors, mental fogginess, and see shadows out of the corners of my eyes. I'm glad I finally went to my Doc/friend and told her and she's running sooo many blood panels on me. Thank y'all for opening my eyes and showing me I'm not alone( even tho my older sister and I both have celiac disease, but we never talk about it).