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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I bet our tastes are not too far apart, at present I am enjoying a vitamin infused, room temperature, English beer.
  2. Stating a presenter practices " quackery " and is "not qualified " to comment is in fact disrespectful and challenging. I have not read many threads ,therefore I am not qualified to comment on weather you are rude to other posters.
  3. Of course you meant- IYHO. However in this thread alone you have disrespected and challenged the opinion( s) of others. Without the requisite " IMHO " preceding your opinion. I will respectfully submit, this is a passive aggressive way of challenging others to respond.
  4. Interesting, although the first study was performed with infants not sure of the relevance to adults. I am fairly certain infants and the elderly have vastly different immunological responses vs. the 18 to 45 year old crowd. I have read a number of studies that believe a significant % of IBS may be celiac. Thanks for the links
  5. An opinion, by definition need not be constructed as a passive aggressive persuasive argument, nor does it need to be based in fact.Unless, I am mistaken forum members are not offering" legal opinions" nor" medical opinions" they typically offer their unique life experience and occasionally a hyperlink to support their action or inaction. To your point, correcting a known vitamin/mineral deficiency by augmenting your diet falls under the heading of " self evident truths ". As correcting any deficiency would. However, if your small intestines cannot assimilate/absorb the necessary vitamins/minerals from the food you eat, why would taking a " vitamin supplement " make a difference, unless of course a person is in fact able to absorb/assimilate. Fact is as you heal ,your small intestines function as designed and more efficiently. Nearly every year the medical/scientific community comes up with some new cataclysmic discovery, currently vitamin" D " deficiency causes every malady under the sun ( pun intended) . I do not know an individual who has had their year check up that isn't prescribed a mega dose of vitamin " D ", for a duration of time. Yet milk, bread etc. has been supplemented with vitamin " D " for decades. In the next couple of years it will be something else. Which segways into point about the medical" business". The medical profession is not a charitable concern, it is a business, in fact you would be hard pressed to actually find a true charity,or non profit organization, that isn't classified as such for tax benefits. The unnecessary amount of testing done is motivated by the " not for profit " hospitals and an over litigious society we live in, assuming you reside in the US. Changing this will require tort reform legislation, not likely since a large % of politicians practice law. This would be tantamount to a pay cut. Business is the engine that drives society, if someone operates under any other understanding, you will most likely have a unsatisfactory experience. No matter what your undertaking is. I think I have matched your pontification, balls in your court.
  6. Most folks on this board will offer testimonials about vitamins and supplements they take how they have changed their lives and recommend other do the same. However, there is no actual science to prove ingesting vitamins( as a dietary supplement) has any benefits. They truly are the ultimate placebo. This is usually where the antidotal evidence is inserted, I feel so much better and have so much more energy, etc. Most folks figure it can't hurt to take a multi vitamin, maybe not, but it certainly cannot be proven they help. Is there science evincing digestive enzymes or probiotics help celiac ? I can find actual scientific study's linking probiotics to reduced heart disease, nothing regarding celiac. It is interesting reading people pontificating, about other people pontificating. Our children learn the art of salesmanship and to negotiate with their parents, from a very young age. That in itself should prepare us to be judicious with what others will attempt to "peddle " . The gene pool has been thinned out by ignorance since man/woman has walked the planet, 5 minutes on the internet will demonstrate this. Yet as Schopenhauer stated, "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
  7. I tolerate real cultured cheese and Greek yogurt well, however milk and Ice cream are an issue. Additionally, soy was a bigger issue than lactose for myself.
  8. Chicago is beautiful in the fall.
  9. Coffee comes highly recommended for all. http://www.nbcnews.com/health/6-cups-day-coffee-lovers-less-likely-die-study-finds-776212?franchiseSlug=healthmain I drink many cups daily ( black), with no problem.
  10. Greater "sensitivity" To Alcohol?

    Organic Wines such as Frey and Orleans Hill Winery do not add sulfites to their wine. Both are reasonably priced. I drink occasionally, wine only, and it really has no intoxicating effect. Just like I have been " mildly" glutened . so, no point in drinking it.
  11. Ys, For me 11 months gluten free the GI symptoms cleared up first, followed by the neurological, clumsiness, unsteady like you were walking on a boat etc. Lastly the Brain fog, depression and anxiety. I experienced the fatigue throughout the process.
  12. Dreams, I have been Gluten free for 11 months, except for the inadvertent glutening as you described. My DX was confirmed with a endoscopy ,graded as Marsh- 3 , severe damage consistent with having Celiac for a significant time span. My last glutening was the end of August. I ordered off the " Gluten Free " menu and two days later a bit of GI disruption and aprox 10 days of a headace, unsteady on my feet, clumsiess ,so tired I could barly drive home from work, insomnia and throw in the partners in crime- Irritability and depression. Approximately 2.5 years ago, not coincidentally when I started having very noticeable GI symptoms( initially diagnosed with IBS) I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. This was a bit puzzling , since I have run 20-25 miles a week for 35 plus years. This was treated with Advair inhalant. I also would get on average 4 colds that turned into sinus infections annually. Since going Gluten free I have not had a single cold and 5 months ago I no longer needed the Advair. The mucosal lining of your throat, lungs, and nose are not much different than the lining of the small intestine. The inflammation caused be the immulogical response to gluten can be systemic. I do not have any scientific data to evince a correlation between being gluten free and not needing asthma medication, nor thwarting every cold that other family members have endured. I am eating healthier, that certainly must have a positive impact on my immune system as well. How long have you been gluten free ?
  13. Try drinking Gatorade , chronic " D " can create an electrolyte imbalance exacerbating depression, and/or lead to bouts of depression itself.
  14. Itchy Eyes From Gluten?

    Martini, I tested positive in the Celiac blood screen and subsequent biopsy . My eyes have felt gritty, itchy, bloodshot and swollen for the duration of the 9 months I have been gluten free. Although some time worse than others, when really bad I am extremely sensitive to sunlight. Follow up blood work at 3 and 6 months showed a negative result (DEAM Glidiin Peptide, GA) for ingesting gluten. Still having the discomfort with my eyes . I reviewed the food journal I had been keeping. I thourghly recommend this practice ( I was not very diligent in the beginning). I realized the intensity of the symptoms increased the night of and morning after I ate tomatoes ( tomato sauce etc.), and sweet green peppers, and potatoes although not to the same degree. Avoiding these foods has helped immeasurable. Soy now gives me a headache and gastro symptoms similar to gluten ingestion. Naturally in the beginning every symptom gets blamed on gluten. Your eye problem may be related to gluten or other physiological changes since going gluten free. The process is counter intuitive in the beginning, you would think by removing what has been making your body sick . Your body would settle down however in my experience more issues became apparent. You doubtable will figure this out and feel better for your efforts.
  15. The vast majority of published ( scientific ) studies show antidepressants alone are effective in relieving the symptoms of depression vs. doing nothing. When combined with " talk therapy ", they are tremendously effective. Of the top 10 most prescribed medications, I believe # 1 is an antidepressant and several others make the list. If they were not effective ,I doubt seriously they would continued to be prescribed. Nor would the pharmaceutical companies devote the vast resources for the continued R & D, relating to manipulation of neurotransmitters. Conversely, you would be hard pressed to find any published scientific litature claiming probiotics and digestive enzymes are beneficial in treating Celiac. The medical profession discourages the use of digestive enzymes and does not encourage the use of probiotics in celiac treatment. They both may be beneficial, however there is very little, if any science to support this conclusion. I