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  1. Thanks everyone, really glad I am not totally losing my mind. Hopefully my appetite will level out here soon, just really frustrating for now. Will try more of the good fats and lots of healthy snacks to munch in the meantime. Thanks again...
  2. Hello, Just wondering if anyone is experiencing constant insatiable appetite. I have been diagnosed with Celiac's been gluten-free for 4 wks now. All I want to do is eat. Even after eating big meals, still want to eat especially something sweet. ugghhh. Before Celiacs I ate pretty healthy didn't eat a lot of bread, cakes etc. but now I feel like I need to eat every 1hr or so. Definitely putting weight on, even though still active and have actually upped my work out intensity. Seems like food is constantly on my mind. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this or is this just a mind game, now I know I can't have certain things so my brain is focused on food period.. Thanks for any comments.