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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well its day 5 of my gluten free diet and i feel better! though i have had a random craving for pitta bread, bagels and waffles lol. I didnt think i would feel better so quickly. I no longer have horrible stomach cramps, contipation, headaches, feeling tried all the time, etc. So could this mean i have a gluten intorlance? Im going to give it a few more weeks before i introduce gluten again. My blood test results came back negative for coeliacs disease so my doctor assumed i had IBS and should try a elmination diet and antispasmotics (Which i havent taken yet). But it would be amazing to find out why ive felt this way since i was a child. Has anyone had a similar experince?
  2. As I'm now on a gluten free diet to find out if I have a intorlerance. The one thing I'm going really miss is marmite. Has anyone found a alternative?
  3. Blood Test Results

    Thanks, I will. Its going to be tough. Im glad that i found this forum
  4. Blood Test Results

    lol, I know! Its so easy to say its IBS. Thank you . I am going to do a gluten free diet and hopefully i feel better.
  5. Blood Test Results

    Well the doctor said my blood test results came back normal apart from having low foic acid levels. And that i probably have IBS and put me on mebeverine to help with the stomach cramps and bloating. He did suggest a elimation diet to see if there is anything in my diet thats affecting me. So i might do that and see what happens.
  6. Blood Test Results

    Thanks well ive got a appointment in the morning so i will find out then. I know the doctor tested me for and checking my full blood count, Imflammatory diseases, iron levels, b12 levels, sodium and potassium levels, kideny and liver function, thyroid and of course a ceoliac screen. Though im assuming that covers everything? Having read about it online, i know people can get negative blood test yet still have the disease or a non ceoliac gluten intorlance. If they come back negative. Ive considered doing a gluten free diet just to see if the pains stop and i feel better. I will try and get my results printed out. And let you know
  7. Blood Test Results

    Thank you. I have a appointment tomorrow morning but it is annoying that nothing was written on my notes when i asked the receptionist what blood test was it concerning. Well i will find out tomorrow and im convincing myself its properbly got something to do with my underactive thryriod. Though i did read that the blood tests for ceoliacs can come back negative. Hopefully my doctor will know that and not fob me off like previous doctors. Ive had stomach cramps and bouts of diarherra, contipation, etc since i can remember! There was one time a few years ago i thought i could have appendictis as i had really bad stomach pain so much that i was sick and couldnt get comfortable. The doctor just said i was fine and it was nothing! How can that be nothing! My auntie has a gulten intorlance and i my cousin has coeilacs so if its in the family, would there be a chance i could have it. It is frustrating
  8. Hi, Im new to this and ive been tested for coeliacs disease and other things. I got my results back today and was told i had to make a non-urgent appointment. Is that normal for doctors if you have coeliacs or could it be something else? Im been worrying about it all week, not knowing why i feel like cramp most of the time. I am worried that if they are negative what could be causing my symptoms.