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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. senior, senior?? middle age, I just started living 2 years ago. I still can remember the time I took them all to Spain for the last family vacation. I spent the week in the bathroom or the bed, zoning out and sleeping when I wasn't angry. Now I have a neat racing bicycle, cross country ski and after years of fighting muscle fatigue, am getting some serious exercise. I have always felt that this disease attacks my muscles. I cannot keep up with other people my age- or twenty years older! But every year is better. I have a disabled son ( a direct result of undiagnosied celiac and pregnacy) who is a joy, he is my partner in running around. The tiredness has lessened. the fight is to exercise, then nap or do a low key day. But I am looking forward to being a hellion. M
  2. There is a difference between an allergy to wheat and an autoimmune disease. Besure you get the correct tests. Maybe both. I am sure if you search this web site, the correct auto immune blood tests will pop up. Bring the names of the tests to the doctors, because science sometimes gets ahead of the doctors. Your description of craving wheat sounds like me before I got Dx. I was visiting King Arthur Flour in Vermont and bought a new stove that was designed to bake breads. What was I thinking? Ther are other diseases Crohns for example, so best to get the full workup rather than self diagnosis. That is not to say that not eating gluten is not a bad idea. My tests were negative, (DNA positive) and I can't touch the stuff. Lord knows I've tried. Best. M
  3. This is a little late and by now I hope you know what it is. I often had reflux at night. At first I slept through it, but later I would wake up with acid in my throat. eventually I did some nice damage to my esophagus. There are foods I still avoid. Low fat eat early, take antacids. Be aware it can be happening, if nothing else shows up. M
  4. Rachel, just for the fun of it, go do a google search and fine the Food and Drug web site that lists the content of various soaps, cleaning supplies etc. Then do another google serch and look up sulpher. There is corn starch in confectionary sugar and there is sulpher in constarch. Since you got an allery to heavy metals and I bet some problems with iodine, sulpher may be lurking in the backround. When I was first diagnosied with celiac, I was making corn starch puddings with fruit juice and it was killing me. Soaps were burning my skin. Cranberries , dates and raisins especially white raisins made me ill. I had to stay clear of all iodines in salt and sulpher which is every where. It could be the corn, but before you starve to death, do a little research. So it could be corn, or it could be the sulpher in the corn products. Get thee. to a nutritionist who knows food products. Someone who is older and been around grocery stores for a long time. good luck. M
  5. some vegies make gas- broccoli family, cauliflower, brusel sprouts. Cabbage is another gassy veggie. Constipation may be related to the neuro aspect of this disease.It is my understanding celiac is a complex of disease states. Oh, you can be wheat sensitive or giladin or gluten or blah, but taken as a concept, an allergen in the body seems to trigger, gut, or skin or brain or muscle reactions. Your brain fog is classic. I have brain fog and have an inability to make muscle while I eat gluten. My son is constipated, no matter how much fiber we put down the gut, celiac diet or regualr diet, I think it may take 4-10 years before we see results. So my comment. Stay on some consistant diet, keep logs, vary one thing for two weeks. Let's say, no eggs, or only soy milk, or rice milk, and eat your celiac diet, you will begin to get a much better handle on what is hurting. also , we use miralax for constipation. I have been lectured to that it is habit forming. I think constipation for celiacs is far more dangerous. Keeping things too long in the large intestine is probably not a good idea. I shall refrain from my soap box. good luck M
  6. Skin Rash Negative Blood Test

    Sound like my nighmare. My blood and biopsies were negative. Try the DNA test. That will not say you have celiac, but will tell if you carry it. My point is that these dumb dermatologists - like the ones at Mass General in Boston - couldn't diagnose a sun burn. So if you go to them and say it is on the genes, it helps them because it wasn't in there text books. OK, I have finished ranting. If he goes gluten free and he is better, you have it- go for it. It is not excema. More to the point somewhere on celiac.com is an article about the 30 different types of skin diseases related to the disease. Dapsone and clobetasol propionate cream .05% are what I get from my dermatologist. Iodine is involved somehow. I am really glad you mentioned that! It may be that there is some thyroid involvement, or more likely iodine and sulfer get "caught" in the leaky gut syndrome. I have gotten off soaps with sulfer- almost all of american soaps have it. I use Dermarest psoriasis for hair and body wash and Tide All Clear for washing clothes. Non iodized salt in the kitchen. OOPS! almost forgot- two other skin items. Low grade Pellegra, from malabsorption or lack of B vitamins due to the gluten free diet can also degrade skin leaving it open to yeast infections. Us celiacs often get diarrhea and any discharge that hits poor skin can get a yeast infection. So when you mentioned heat and moisture, I remember trying a tube of vaginal yeast infection cream, and that helped. It is possible to have a combination of skin issues. A good sensible mutivitamin is essential. Best wishes. M
  7. the stool could be so runny that it doesn't trigger the muscles that control the movement. A diet change will tell you.According to my GI MD, you must have mass to get muscke movement. Snacks, we go to Costoco and get dried cranberries,(craisins), trail mix with dried fruits. mango strips. my kids will fight over them. rice cakes with peanut butter and jelly. Rice krispie bars. ( we make them with raisins and other dried fruits) Others are fresh fruit cut up with a dab of chocolate sauce which we make with BAKERS chocolate. Or fruit with yogurt. My favorite is on the side of the tapioca box. It is fruit tapioca. They suggest apple, I use orange juice and thrown in the rotten fruit of the day. the stuff they wouldn't eat, I hide in the fruit tapioca. We can have real cool whip but not the calorie free.
  8. Another Bm One Sorry : /

    I was introducted to the idea of 'cross over allergy" from a radio show. iT MADE SENSE. oNCE YOU HAVE ONE diturbance as we have with wheat, other things will be allergic, until the underlying allergy is cleared up. When i FIRST STARTED, every thing made me sick. I ended up like you living on rice, then rice pudding, then cormeal mush. my favoirte meal was rice , beans with melted cheese, and mild salsa. Soy makes me sick. I tried some of the imitation bread products and started vomiting from the soy. I also found iodine in salt was makig me flush. Now I find sulfites are haunting. When I get the runs, I make a lot of pancakes with Pamela's mix. Sometimes I make muffins with orange juice and presevative free chopped dates. Never thought I would enjoy constipation, but it is some indication that the gut is healing and nurtients are being absorbed.
  9. add one more for the Irish. I heard it said that the Romans never got far enough north to sleep with us. Others say it was too cold and we were too crazy for the Romans to bother with. And that was the second theory, the Irish all slept together and the gene pool got a little shallow. I was always called the kid with the cheap Irish skin. Now I've got a dx.
  10. Sulfites

    Hi Fiddle Faddle, I think I wasn't beeing clear. When I stopped eating gluten, my reflux disappeared. I din't have "real" reflux. So when I ate thetomatoes and got the reflux symptoms, I went looking for sulpher. M
  11. Need Advice, the enamel thing can be corrected. Dentists have prescription flouride that your brush with for a period of time. But the bigger problem is getting off the pizza and beer. and getting a diet you can live with. I am living without a confirmed diagnosis, but not eating gluten is making me feel much better. Try it and see how you feel. The doc's and lab tech's don't live in your GI tract.
  12. My doctor is working with me as if I have Celiac. The day I stopped eating wheat is the day my reflux symptoms disappeared. My Herpetiformis started to clear, then got worse and it has been a merii go round. The dematologist did biopsy's (ouch) and they came out negative. We are all now confounded. Here is the kicker. I made home made tomato soup the other night (with rice flour and canned tomatoes, gluten free broth) and I got reflux and burping. I also react to wine. Could it be that it is sulpher? -sulphate in the canned tomatoes, and thus.. sulphites in bread products, not celiac disease that is causing havic on my body. I have noted asmall, but important group of people with celiac disease have sulfite allergy on this forum. When I did a review of the literature I came up with quite a relationship between sulpher and giladins, the proteins in gluten that cause our problem. The most interesting article was by the Manitoba Dept of Agriculture, who in 2000, did research on increasing sulpher in fertilizer to increase sulpher amino acids. These amino acids are very importabt in increasing giladins and increase the rise in flour. Since then, more and more flour in the US and Canada has been fertilized with sulpher. None of this would end up on a label. But considering that I can not wash my hair or my dishes or brush my teeth without sodium Lauryl sulfate. My point being, that if we already have a sensitivity to giladins and they are made of sulpher amino acids, and our environment, with or without bread products, has more and more sulpher, I would expect we will be seeing more and more sulpher allergies. May I reccommend the National institutes of health web page on chemicals in products. just google nih sulfites and get a shock over what is in your toothpaste.
  13. Going Crazy!

    I stopped thinking about wheat and looking for substitutes. A few billion people on this earth do not use wheat as a main stay. A few helpful hints from this end of the planet. I invested n a quart size slow cooker. I can make a few basic things, then have left overs, for example: grits. I cook up a batch and have them later with cheddar cheese or maple syrup and butter. ( its called hasty pudding) I also make Indian pudding with a little orange peel and raisins. Again, I pull it out microwave and have a few meals. I often use lactose free milk. Other nights, I bake potatoes and save a few for the moring for hash browns. We used to make a scraple at camp- onions chopped with baked potato and scrambled egg mixed in. Another slow cooker are baked beans. Love that molasses for iron content. Make some extra. My quick meal at home is cooked rice with baked beans, covered with salsa and cheese. Makes a fast meal for the exhausted. The exhaustion is so debilitating. Thats why I try to make a few meals at once. Or I will start the slow cooker in the the morning because by night fall I cannot face cooking. If a slow cooker ( I got mine for 10 bucks) doesn't fit, try a good cast iron pot with a top and slow cook in the oven. Then their are lentils. They cook faster than beens. Just remember to use salt with all this stuff and check a real old fashion cook book for recipes. Most of the new stuff is writen by dummies who don't put enough water to grian in the recipes. Best wishes.