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  1. I generally don't like wearing jeans but when I wear dresses I always get asked why I'm so dressed up! Even if they are casual dresses! Maybe it's just people in the midwest?
  2. I'm thinking it could either be soy lecithin or the cane sugar in most chocolates. For a chocolate treat, I like to buy these at a local health food store. http://www.heavenlyorganics.com/listitemsho.aspx Either that, or you could try making brownies or something chocolatey at home using honey and cooca powder. Good luck!
  3. I mostly follow SCD, and since going grain-free I have felt better than ever before. As far as sugar goes, I use honey, coconut palm sugar, and coconut palm nectar as sweeteners. After cutting out all of the processed gluten-free foods and making my own grain-free recipes, I have noticed a dramatic change (and I still enjoy things like pancakes, donuts, scones, muffins, desserts)! Best of luck to you!