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  1. thank you so much for your time to answer, im so happy there is hope of some of the intolerances going away, *fingers crossed*. Thanks for sharing expiriences
  2. i didnt know celiac can lead to insulin resistance- this all seems scarier and scarier the more that i read about it and so many of the random complaints over the years are on lists of symptoms- guess great to know now.
  3. Hello, I am newly diagnosed with celiac, i am 22 years old. I had been to the doctor over and over for a year developing more and more sensitivities. I have now had the biopsy and after coming on here and reading other peoples stories think that my issues with fructose, dairy including whey, sorbitol and corn may be caused by the damage done to my SI. I am hoping that if i follow a gluten-free diet that my other intolerances will go away as my gut heals. Has this been the case for anyone? I am intolerant to so many things! its impossible to feel normal without staying ridiculously strict i even react to low fructose vegetables. Please someone say this goes away if i stay gluten-free? Thank you for your time.