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  1. I am new here, but hoping to find some helpful answers. Our dr. ordered an immune panel back in January because my son kept getting sick over and over again. It started in Sept, 2011. I sent him to preschool for the first time and he kept coming down with cold /allergy symptoms as well as developed sinus and ear infections. I just thought it was normal immune response at first. In March 2012 he got really sick and he ended up having a positive mono test (no one else in his school had it). After allergy symptoms continued, we took him to an allergist and he was tested for some common indoor/outdoor allergens (skin test) but all cam back negative. He continued to have upper respiratory issues unless he was on an antibitic. At the holidays he got very sick again (like when he had mono) and I became very concerned. High fevers of 103-104 for several days in a row, dark circles under eyes, sleeping all day, etc. They put him on another antibiotic. He cleared up while he was on it, then came down with a 103 fever the day after his last dose. I took him back to the doctor 2 days later and when flu and strep came back negative, he ordered an immune panel. The Celiac test was part of that panel. Here are the results: IgA total, serum: 255.89 Normal range= 30-210 TTG: 42 Normal range= 0-15 Deaminated Gliadin Antibody IgG: 16 Normal range= 0-19 Deaminated Gliadin Antibody IgA: 12 Normal range= 0-19 I am most confused by the IgA total, serum and deaminated gliadin antibody IgA results. Why is one elevated, and one is normal? The Dr. seriously suggested we stop gluten, which he has been gluten free for almost 2 months now, with 2-3 accidental glutenings. He also had low Vit. D level and positive for the homozygous MTHFR C mutation (not sure if anyone is familiar with this, but is linked to autoimmune disease). He is still having allergy type symptoms and has had several cold sores and mouth ulcers since the results. Also has had strep and ear infection too. I am getting foodsensitivity panel draw for him on Monday, because I suspect leaky gut... Does anyone have any wisdom or guidance for me here? We have opted to not do the biopsy because our dr did not think it was necessary. Sorry so lengthy! Thanks for any help!