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  1. oh i also forgot that many snack foods that are flavored usually have malt i.e. bbq potatochips and the like. i have found a couple of organic soups and breakfast cereals that are malt-free, so look for foods in that direction. bread is troublesome good luck.
  2. I was diagnosed with malt, whole grain and egg allergies about 5 months ago. I have no wheat allergy. I have suffered from most of the same "tummy" troubles as you for several years. I have found that gluten free does Not mean malt free. Malt is hidden in foods under several names. my experience has been that the more processed a food is, the more ingredients it has and usually malt. i stick to fresh made foods, lots of fruit and veggies. I understand your frustration, it seems like malt shows up in places where it doesn't need to be. below is a list of names for malt. I hope it helps you Malt Malted barley (or corn, etc) Malt Flavoring Malt Extract Malt Vinegar Maltodextrin Maltose Malt Syrup Ethyl Maltitol Isomalt Hydrogenated isomaltitol Isomaltitol Maltitol Maltol Malt Sugar