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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wow, a rotation diet? That makes sense actually... i really am a tad discouraged and feel like the more i try, the more allergies/intolerances show up! For many years, it was okay but now as I try to be even more healthier it has worsened... What sort of supplements do you use? and you removed grain- does that include sorghum? With sweets, you don't do ANY? like not even stevia? or maybe vanilla extract? I love baking so i was hoping that i could find something that would work for me... but maybe it's too soon and that is part of the issue? i made a few peanut butter cups and even though they had cocoa powder, it was a nice break from chick peas and gluten-free crackers... no reactions either... so how long did it take for your body to "heal" or at least feel PROGRESS??? Thank you so much for your encouragement andddd understanding!!
  2. Hi everyone... So I am new to the board and am completely lost on where to begin so please forgive me if i am on the wrong forum... A bit about me and the situation... I am 31 years old, married, and have 2 kids... for YEARS I have been allergic and intolerant to many foods... I remember being 5 and complaining to my mom how apples and bananas made my mouth hurt and feel funny... I have been lactose intolerant since 8th grade but still drank milk, ate ice cream, and ate my fair share of cheese on occasion [i live in wisconsin]... Even up until a month ago, I would drink a 2% latte from starbucks... PLUS i am ALLERGIC to soy milk... I ate my ice cream and drank my lattes knowing my stomach would be messed up afterwards but figured it was worth it... not so much anymore I am allergic to MOST RAW FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND NUTS... bananas, avocado, watermelon, apples, pineapple, almonds, raw broccoli and carrots... I get cold sores in my mouth, itchy ears and throat, and in my recent years ASTHMA... i try not to take my asthma spray or ANY meds... About 2 or 3 years ago, I was tested... about 50 tests on my back and every one flared instantly... they said most was a cross-reaction to outside allergies... yes, i have allergies to my cats and dog... I am a vegetarian but eat fish... I HATE fried foods of any sort... haven't eaten fried stuff for YEARS... we rarely go out to eat as i'm pretty particular with who handles my food and where... i have certain dislikes for things because of texture too... like rice noodles... in the past couple of months, I have really went healthy and tried to steer clear of bread, pasta, rice, etc... i stopped the coffee and went to GANO coffee instead... I am allergic to green tea- or at least it makes me utterly queasy... i figured even though i was allergic to soy i could eat boca burgers baked or something but i stopped those too... So in the process, I started to eat a bit of bread or pasta and started getting bloated SOOOO bad, to the point that i am in pain ALWAYS and look 3 months pregnant... I would get bloated like this over the years and always assumed it had to do with intaking lactose... but it wasn't often... NOW IT IS... then i thought it was a reaction to apple cidar vinegar so i cut that out but then when i'd eat any pasta or a slice of bread or normal crackers, i'd be bloated with a massive headache... I have tried to go GLUTEN-FREE as i have been SUPER TIRED, lethargic, cranky, moody, and overall frustrated... in the process, i discovered that OATS and QUINOA give me HIVES... So cooked oats is a no-no and so is quinoa... using these flours or in gluten-free meals is out of the question... Also, COCOA and dark chocolate makes my mouth itch badddd... So I am frustrated... i have no insurance... finding gluten free foods that do not contain things i am allergic to is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE I just wanna cry... since I am allergic to coconut and almonds, i cannot cook with that either, right???? Today i made muffins... it had sorghum flour and chickpea flour and tapioca starch... i also used a bit of milk and parmesan cheese since i figured cooked might be okay... I AM SOOOO BLOATED I don't know what to do... I can't tell if it was the tapioca or the milk as even when i eat gluten-free foods from a HEALTHY resterant, i am SO BLOATED... so after today, i think maybe it's some type of flour giving me this reaction... now, I have been eating mostly chick peas roasted/baked and COOKED veggies... I am frustrated and uncomfortable and disheartened... Can anyone relate to being allergic to so much stuff?? and could i be allergic to gluten free flours? i plan on taking a test for a gluten allergy and will pay out of pocket... they said i do NOT need to be eating gluten for it to show up... I saw on the site it says its to be checked for gluten intolerance but when i called it says its for gluten allergies which i thought were two different things... We recently moved into a single family home... prior to that, the lower tenants smoked a ton which gave me constant migraines and sinus infections... i never took anything for them as i loathe medicine... i have been eating VERY healthy for over a year with no extra energy or even weight loss!!! When we moved here in January, I lost 5-7 pounds.... i know the allergy infested environment contributed to my weight gain and am happy we moved... i know i have an array of questions and sound totally like a complainer here but I have been looking online for weeks and i feel like NOT EATING ANYTHING... so far EVERYTHING is making my body react... i STILL have constant heartburn and on top of that, i am taking probiotics so i thought that would help... I came here to maybe see if anyone had suggestions, could relate, or understand... I dont want to suffer but i feel like i am getting reactions to everything :'( thank you! I will keep looking in the site but am so overwhelmed so i hope this was an ok spot to post my brief and weary introduction