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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pre dx, Mike's made me sick. I figured it was the malt and stayed away from it. I am not going to try it now, post dx.
  2. A lot of post-ops vanish from the online communities once they have lost the majority of the weight. I know one other who had the DS in 2009 (we had the same surgeon) and she was diagnosed post-op though very likely had it before as she had a child with Celiac. I agree with you. One big problem is that some of the diets often required pre-op will cause false negatives. Low-carb is a bugger for that. So will the protein shake diets.
  3. I do notice different types of reactions. The more sugar (glucose, fructose, sucrose, etcetera) with it the quicker I react. Also in liquid form I have a faster absorbtion time. I get rashes if it is in anything I put on my skin - the itchies hit really fast with that. In the past, I have kept journals with what I consumed/used and my reactions. That helped to isolate reactions and track patterns.
  4. Kind bars, nuts, and non-gluten jerky were my best friends during a recent trip.
  5. Nuts In Stool...normal Or Not?

    Nuts do that to me as well. My doctor told me it was normal, really, and to not stress about it. He did say that I likely did not have to worry about adding extra fiber if I was eating nuts.
  6. No. I lean towards eating organic and non-GMO as much as possible and prefer to buy straight from the farmer or pick it from my garden. I do appreciate that there are processed options out there but I am a fairly distrusting.
  7. Soy is obnoxiously everywhere. I have not trusted fast food meat for years when I heard they started adding it to their 'beef'. My mother is incredibly allergic to soy (and a host of other things) so I have always been very cautious about soy. I can definitely see how snacks would be a problem. K is so overwhelmed by labels. We ended up putting some apps on our phones to help him figure things out.
  8. Yogurt/probiotics - Any Input?

    I have far more issues if I do not take probiotics. I take supplements plus eat Greek yogurt daily.
  9. I have not been able to find them. I will have to hit our Publix and check.
  10. Now I love Whole Paycheck even more!
  11. I wiil have to go to Whole Paycheck Foods and see if I can find those. Thanks! There are definitely days where something quick and nukable would come in handy. My picky husband might even eat that.
  12. Peeps

    Bubble gum? I will have to try these!
  13. Oh! I will have to send my husband to Costco today.
  14. The bloating and intestinal pain were the first to subside. That was a huge relief - almost like instant gratification.
  15. For me, it depends on what it is, honestly. Some things I can tell within 15 minutes because I start blowing up and others I will get slammed with the next day.