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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This is round three. I honestly don't think its going to get better because of the inflammation in my gut. I've had that same exact problem with my sinus infection for the last 15 years.....now its in my gut. All of the vancomycin in the world isn't going to clear it up. Robb
  2. Merry Christmas..........my C-Diff is back........Robb
  3. Hi, I honestly am so weary that I have no idea what try. I've been unable to work since aug....My stomach hurts so bad today that I havn't eaten at all. My latest ridiculous diagnosis is reactive hypoglycemia. The only problem with that is that I've monitored my sugar for several days and it sits at 85 whether I eat or not. The doctor that gave me that diagnosis argued with me and told me she was positive thats what my problem was. She is wrong. The dumb guesses these doctors are making isn't helping me at all.......Robb
  4. Hi, Thanks for everyone responding, I have had Prometheus celiac antibody test but not the genetic test. I've been gluten free and dairy free for exactly 7 days. My alternative MD has me on the following diet. Wild caught cod, wild caught salmon, leafy greens, carrots. Thats it. I've been taking colostrum and it stopped the diarrhea, but I think it is also raising my immune system and make my whole gut ache a little worse every day. I picked colostrum because of its track record with c-diff. I'm thinking about trying to beg someone into ordering the cyrex gluten sensitivity test, but I serlously doubt that I will get it. My lower back pain is getting worse for some reason and my eyes are constantly running. There just seems to be no end. Robb
  5. Thanks, I just wish my stupid doctors would listen to me when I try to explain how bad I feel. The methotrexate has done absolutely nothing. In fact, I think it has made me worse. I'm due to take it tomorrow and I think I'm going to stop it. Its dangerous and isn't helping anyway. Robb
  6. I'm male 48 in Ohio. The problem started 15 years ago. First symptom, increased hunger, sinus infection that wouldn't go away then 6 months later, right shoulder was attacked, then left shoulder, then wrists. Robb
  7. Hi again, None of my doctors are even trying to run more tests. I have begged and its just not going to happen. They wouldn't believe that I had a gut infection and it took me driving 2 hours to a distant hospital and begging them to do a stool sample which confirmed c-diff. Even then, after first round of abx, they wouldn't retest me. Drove two hours again and confirmed c-diff again. My rheumatologist keeps trying to get me to take nsaids and they set off my gerd so bad that I can't function. If I persue any more treatment like biologicals etc, I will die of c-diff. Robb
  8. Thanks for the reply........if I get a lupus diagnosis I will kill myself..........plain and simple. I have tested negative for thyroid antibodies but I'm not sure which test it was. I can't get any of my doctors to do anything for me or to run more tests and since I've been working on this for months, I just don't have to energy anymore to call new doctors, wait a month for open appointments, etc. I'm just not sure how to proceed anymore....Robb
  9. Hi there, thank you so much for the replies. My rheumatoid factor I was told was only doubled which my doctor said wasn't that bad. I don't have access yet to the anti ccp test....here are my thyroid labs... Reverse T3, Serum070105 27.7 13.5-34.2 ng/dL **Please note reference interval change** TSH+T4F+T3Free Date Collected: 10/25/2012 12:45:00 PM Test Description Result Range Units TSH004264 2.64 0.450-4.500 uIU/mL Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum010389 2.4 2.0-4.4 pg/mL T4,Free(Direct)019745 1.02 0.82-1.77 ng/dL I'm not going to survive if this doesn't get figured out soon because it has taken away every reason for living that I had. I am being treated for the reheumatoid arthritis with 20 mg methotrexate per week and it has done absolutely nothing. I will not let them give me more or give me a biological because of the c-diff. My new doctore has put me on a diet of only cod, salmon, and leafy greens. I've been on the diet for 5 days and I can't report anything positive yet. I can't do anything for myself really because of the mailaise fatigue etc..... Thanks, Robb
  10. Hi, I'm new to this board. I know your not doctors etc but I just want to hear what my symptoms sound like to you. I'm desperate. Joint pain, serious gut problems, had c-diff, serious eye inflammation, strange rashes on a few of my fingers, some neuropathy in a few different places, positive rheumatoid factor test and positive anti-ccp test. tingling in hands and forearms especially when I wake up. weight gain especially in abdominal area, serious fatigue, strange mask like feeling across my forehead.....chronic sinus infection that won't go away no matter what. .there are probably other symptoms but you get the idea... I've had celiac antibody test and it was neg, plus I've had gut biopsy done and it was also negative......please help.....Thanks....Robb