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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I currently reside in Georgia for grad-school, where troops do not carry the gluten-free cookie. So, I went on e-bay, all curious and wide-eyed, and ordered a box for $6.99. The cookies arrived in an unfamiliar zip-top package, different to the typical packaging of Girl Scout Cookies. The cover photo is misleading. I didn't expect a crumbly, messy, crumb covered cookie that tasted like imitation cookie dough often used in ice cream products. I have a difficult time believing that a team actually spent 'time' on this cookie, because my memory of the once delicious girls scout cookies (thin mins, samoas, patties) has gone to s$#&. I would be happy to recommend many, many, MANY other brands of cookies that do it well gluten-free. However, this is a big leap for Girl Scout Cookies, and the goal was to make a statement, that Girl Scouts should consider allergen friendly options, and i'm happy they did. Bravo, Girl Scouts, you're half-way there. Now fix my cookie please
  2. I was looking for Crunchmaster and Schar today because those look like the best options, but couldn't find them in 2 different stores. The Grainless baker actually stopped making their cheddar crackers recently, note the public outcry on their facebook. I'm current eating Glutino's Cheddar crackers -- no bueno, i figured they would taste like a Ritz with miniscule taste of cheddar. Oh well, i'll keep making the ones from that recipe and begging Annie's to make gluten-free cheddar bunnies, because HOLY MOLY, those were the bomb before I became gluten-free.
  3. Thanks all! OMG the Grainless Baker, my mom used their graham crackers as the crust for our Xmas Chocolate Pie! I think I will order them! Thank for all suggestions.
  4. Before following a gluten-free diet, I was widly obsessed by any baked snack crackers of the CHEESE variety. Since being diagnosed with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) a year and a half ago, i've made diet modifications to restrict gluten completely. I've made the gluten-free Cheez its from this recipe, http://xobakingco.com/2012/12/26/gluten-free-cheese-crackers-like-cheez-its/ Though they are good, they take a lot of time to craft and then bake, and once again they are not the same. Does anyone have any suggestions to something remotely close to a baked snack cheese cracker?!?! So far, i've found Pirate's Booty cheddar and white cheddar varieties to be palatable. But still..