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  1. well, we are one week and one day into this crazy gluten-free journey! (my 12 year old son, philip, was just diagnosised last friday).......he's SUPER picky eater (he has down syndrome.....have worked in therapy since age 2 on trying to get him to eat new foods).....he eats about 6 different foods.......anyway, pizza is his main staple food (well, at least it was a week ago).......we had a special olympics basketball tournament today and i got him a dominos pizza!.....he of course inhaled it like it was mana from God (lol!)........i have read many negative things about this pizza (cross contamination)........was i a horrible mom for giving this to him today? and does anyone know anything about "cookie crisp" cereal?? (another one of the big 6 that philly will eat).......now the label doesn't have any wheat products, but at the bottom it says "may contain wheat products".......should this be a no-no, too???.................my head is spinning at all of this!.......i almost fainted the other day when i realized that vinager had wheat!!.....good grief........i pray that this gets easier......
  2. well, one week ago today our little world was rocked! we got the "official" call for the doctor confirming that, yes, my son philip does indeed have celiac! philly is 12 years old and has down syndrome.......he only eats about 6 different foods........and of course--EVERY FOOD HE EATS HAS GLUTEN!!!!! it's been quite an emotional week! i have gotten him to eat rice pasta with meat sauce and he has eaten his first ever egg!..........we had NO idea that he had anything wrong.......no stomach issues, no rash....nothing! we just went for a routine special olympics physical and our pediatrician suggested a celiac screen since we were already getting blood work for thyroid (my pedi's daughter has down syndrome also and just went wheat free so she thought she would run a test just as a precaution)................i was so stunned! i've been trying to read up on all of this, but it is so overwhelming! i welcome any and all suggestions/comments!