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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dear Gemini thank you soooo much for your reassuring and comforting words. I needed just that. You made a lot of things more clearer to me now. Yes I guess I have to be more patient. I will certainly ask doctor about this thyroid tests. For now I will wait six months till the next test and then see what will be the next step. So glad to hear you are doing just fine, despite having to cope with 4 AI diseases. Maja
  2. Hello everyone, my first post here just to say I sympathise and share same concern with Hermom and your daughter. I am 32 yrs old and was diagnosed celiac seven months ago. Had no real digestion problems exept anemia which wouldn't go away. At that time, first results on tTG-IgA were >200 (normal is below 20). Now seven months after the results on tTG - IgA are still >200. The DGP-IgG is 24 (normal is below 25) - so DGP is ok. They didn't do DGP for first time seven months ago. As Gemini mentioned the test doesn't give exact numbers above 200 so I can't really tell if antibodies have dropped. Even a small drop would tell that there is some reaction to gluten-free diet. So I am very concearned. I'm getting different info on how much time does it take for TTG to lower down when on gluten-free diet. My doctor said that this takes a while and that I shouldn't be concered, that 7 months is not enough time, other say it takes 6-8 months. And now I have to wait another six months for new bloodwork on tTg-Iga. I am from Croatia and celiac people have much more difficulties being gluten-free. I am vegetarian, I cook my own meals, almost never eat out, of course there is this problems getting traces of gluten in my food with which I really try to be careful. But I am very worried if I have this refractory celiac disease. Can somebody answer me what DGP results acctually tell? I read somwhere that elevated numbers show that gluten is still entering organism..? And tTg-Iga damage, inflamattion of gut? I really don't know about these antibodies. I guess we have to be patient and hope that the next bloodwork will show improvements. Maja