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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mercury Toxicity?

    Yes...I said I have seen a doctor in Nashville. I also have a friend who is a dentist in Colorado that is going through the same thing. I ordered the mercury test her naturopath suggested and am going to take it from there. I was just curious if anyone else had similar experiences...I am here to tell you it is not gluten though...I do not think I could be more careful than I am...If you would read about candida...it goes hand in hand with mercury toxicity...Mercury feeds yeast...So you do not necessarily have to have the conditions you stated...Especially if it's in your gut...
  2. Mercury Toxicity?

    The dentist did use proper precautions. I also have many of the symptom of yeast overgrowth and candida...which apparently go along with mercury toxicity? I am not doing the chelation (sp?) I'm taking multiple supplements, along with IMD (intestinal metals detox)...
  3. Mercury Toxicity?

    Just curious...if you have a lactose intolerance but have not had it in 3 days...should you still feel sick from the effects of the LAST time you had it? Like still nauseous etc...(do I even make sense lol?)
  4. Mercury Toxicity?

    It's been years since my gallbladder was checked...It was fine the last time, though. I have not had f/u upper endoscopy.
  5. Mercury Toxicity?

    Well I have been eating dairy until yesterday...
  6. Mercury Toxicity?

    Wait...no RA either...got checked for that.
  7. Mercury Toxicity?

    I have been tested for Lupus...when I first got tested for Celiac...but none of the others...I'm not sure I have any of the other symptoms? My current symptoms are fatigue after eating anything, daily nausea, joint pain all over, abdominal cramping...
  8. Mercury Toxicity?

    I have been to one doctor who has directed me toward a similar path...Honestly, I live in NE Mississippi...We do not have many doctors around here that truly understand these types of conditions...I was actually the first Celiac patient that my doctor had encountered...this has always been discouraging for me..:
  9. Mercury Toxicity?

    *researching not reaching...I hate typos!
  10. Mercury Toxicity?

    I did eat tilapia...maybe 2-3x/month...Since deciding to try this detox I have stopped. If you start reaching mercury toxicity and amalgam fillings...it is really is crazy the research that supports them having a negative impact on your health...physically and neurologically...
  11. Hey guys! I have not been on the forum in forever! I was diagnosed with Celiac in March 2013. I was feeling better for a while with the gluten-free diet. However, now I have all kinds of crazy symptoms despite my carefulness to remain gluten-free. My symptoms point to mercury toxicity. A dentist friend of mine who lives in Colorado lead me in this direction. I had my amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composite filling in October 2013. Again, I eventually began to feel better. However, the symptoms came back and are actually worse. I have had to go to ER even because the pain has gotten so severe. I have now decided to put myself through mercury detox under the guidance of my friend (who also suffers from mercury toxicity). I'm just VERY curious as to others' thoughts/opinions...and mainly if anyone else has experienced anything similar to this. I would appreciate ANY help!!! Thank you!!!!!
  12. Well...it's Been A While, But I'm Miserable :(

    Hey I haven't been tested for deficiencies in approx 2 months, but I was still a little vitamin D deficient at that time...it's just so hard to pinpoint everything, which is so frustrating...and non-Celiacs just don't understand...I'm dealing with that too. I do have a doc I'm seeing...but I am his first celiac patient. Awesome! NE Mississippi is quite behind...
  13. Well...it's Been A While, But I'm Miserable :(

    *glutenings not *glistenings LOL...Stupid autocorrect on my phone.
  14. Okay, so it's been a while since I've been on here...mostly because I have been feeling good until the past couple months...So, here is my story, and I'm hoping someone can help...I was diagnosed via blood work then biopsy in February 2013. I've been gluten free since biopsy...with the exception of accidental glistenings and CC. After approximately 2 months on the diet I began feeling AMAZING! I didn't know what to do with all the new energy! Then, I think I began getting a little too "comfortable". I began eating lots of junk really...chips (that were not listed as gluten-free even though no obvious ingredients indicated gluten), chocolate, candy...JUNK! I was also eating a ton of frozen steamer vegetables, which I later found out that that brand states "they can not guarantee that food was not cooked on same line as wheat products". I eat a LOT of baked potatoes (maybe I have a problem with those??) Anyway...I now have proclaimed to not eat ANYTHING unless it is says gluten-free on ingredients. But I still feel so bad. My energy level is virtually non-existent. And it's worse late afternoon/night but not sure why? My joints just ache so bad and the fog/depression set in at night too...Stomach problems aren't my main issue right now. I just need some strength and for my muscles and joints to feel better. I would love to hear anyone's story and to hear suggestions?? Like vitamins you take and love, etc?? I might add I have a 3 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old...I need a "pick me up".
  15. Need To Vent About My Own Stupidity!

    Oh, I definitely mourn the loss of all my fab foods! For breakfast, I used to eat cereal, donuts, or muffins! For lunch I ate subway EVERYDAY! For dinner, I ALWAYS had bread!! Just knowing I can't have these anymore make me pretty sad sometimes...or going to the mall and not being able to eat in the food court with everyone else. All of that sounds silly...but I think it's completely normal to miss those things! I do try to find substitutes for my favs! If Chinese is one of yours why don't you look for a gluten-free recipe to manage your craves? Just be sure to get gluten-free soy sauce!