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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I know that trader joes is really good about there facility is run and how cross contamination could happen. I always ask further questions and they direct me to the right people. I know I am extremly sensitive like you are... I even reacted to trader joes french style green beans that were made on shared equiptment with wheat. How about stores that carry fresh fruits and veggies, and there is a bakery there would that even be safe?? I try to wash all of the veggies and fruits really good. I try to do my best but still end up getting sick. I hope this helps you out!
  2. Reactions From Breathing In Gluten?

    You are not alone!! I have celiac disease plus a wheat allergy.. I cannot be around any gluten at all either, I cannot go to resturants my home is 100% gluten free. I miss al ot of friend and family functions because of it. If I am at a store I hurry in especially if there is a bakery there because i always react. It is def, hard to deal with and can be lonely. Sounds like to me you have a bad wheat allergy too? I cannot eat anything that has shared equiptment with wheat either. Good to know you are not alone!! have you seen a dr for this? Its hard explaining to people how sensitive we are to it. If you dont mind what are your symptoms? I wonder if there the same as mine? Some are fatigue, brain fog, body aches, breathing, light headed dizziness. Hope you are doing better, hope to hear from you soon !
  3. Airborne Gluten...

    I totally understand!! I know I am very late over a year late! but I came across this article doing a google search for airborne gluten.. I have celiac disease plus a wheat allergy, I hope you have been able to see an allergist recently. I have been having reactions to wheat like this for many years including... headache, ithcing, rash, tight chest, foggy brain, exhaustion, even to the point my body hurts when im around it for a long period of time. I do not go to restuarants I actually have to quite the nursery at my church because I have been having reactions there. Wheat is in everything! and if you have a wheat allergy you will def. get very sick. Shampoos, lotions, baby wipes, so many things! I actually got so sick on sun and pretty much was exhausted all day yesterday starting to feel better today. I really pray that you got help! I am finally getting insurance and hoping to be able to see someone about a possible gluten ataxia reactions. Hope this helps someone out!!! <3