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  1. This is my first post on this forum and I hope to learn a lot here! So I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease when I was 15 and I'm 21 now. The only other people in my family with it are my aunt and grandma on my Dad's side. Anyways I was diagnosed with it when I was 15 from an endoscopy, I got the procedure cause I had been having heart burn and acid reflux and my doctor suggested an endoscopy. Anyways after I found out, being a 15 year old, I didn't pay any attention to my disease and since my parents knew little about it they didn't know what to really do either. So I basically was in no way gluten free from about 15-19, in that time I was super healthy, ran track (won a state meet, so I was pretty athletic) and at around 18 my acne was almost all gone and never had stomach aces. But I my acid reflux was still bad but no heartburn, but me and my parents decided to put me on a gluten-free diet at around 20 years old. I was not very strict with it for the first year, but I started getting bad stomach aches and diarrhea every once in a while and lower energy levels, but I delt with it. Now recently in the past 2 months I've decided to go full blown gluten-free, but now I feel tired all the time and have brain fog, and acid reflux, and my acne came back even worse, but stomach acnes arent as bad. Now I exercise a lot, I'm in great shape for my age, and I plan on getting back into track when I transfer to my new school in the fall. But my problem is, is that ever since I went gluten-free I can't seem to improve, I've just been stuck at the same physical level (muscle and strength wise) for the past year and a half and I want to get stronger so Im ready for college track. My big question now is, do I really have celiacs disease? Or is my body just changing cause Im getting older? Has anyone been through something similar? P.S. Being 21 with Celiac's sucks! Can't ever have a beer with my friends and going on dates sucks cause I have to be super picky with where and what to eat.