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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My doctor told me that you need to be on gluten at least once a day for 6 weeks for the blood test to work. I did that, and had similarly inconclusive results... and the doctor said even on gluten for 6 weeks, it could be not enough time to see a reaction (this is just for a blood panel, not an endoscopy). So in my experience, you might not have been on gluten enough for the blood tests to work. I have read some forums that suggest 3 months. And for the endoscopy, it depends how many samples they take, from how many different places etc.
  2. In 1964, the classic symptom of celiac disease was 'failure to thrive"... meaning you probably lost a lot of weight as a child/had stunted growth. So on the one hand, a blood test or endoscopy was probably not done. On the other hand, if your celiac disease diagnosis was correct, you would absolutely still have it today. It cannot come and go--it is a lifelong illness that must be treated with a gluten-free diet. You're symptoms can come and go (and become less severe), but that wouldn't change the underlying illness. I would get a blood panel ASAP. You should have results within a week. But DO NOT give up gluten before your blood panel--I gave up gluten for one month 4 months before my blood results, and even then, my doctor said they invalidated the results. So for peace of mind, keep eating gluten, at least once a day. But get a blood panel as soon as possible.
  3. Hi there, I just got my blood tests (Total IgA) results back: one sample came back positive, one came back negative. In September, I was off gluten for a month, but not 100% off (cheated maybe once a week, sometimes only with a sip of beer). Then, when I went back on, I wasn't 100% on. Probably not eating gluten every day. So in Jan., I took 8 weeks to make sure I ate gluten every day, so the blood tests would work. At the end, I took the blood tests. My doctor says my results still could be contaminated... and the only way to know is with an endoscopy. I just had a colonoscopy, and it took me a year from referral to procedure. What have your experiences been with wait times, from blood test to endoscopy?