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  1. Hi everyone, I am brand new here and I have a couple of questions. I think that my daughter and I have either celiac, or gluten intolerance of some sort. I am 30 years old and she is 7. Here are our issues - Me - hypothyroid weight gain irritability sadness/emotional extreme gluten and sugar cravings arthritis stress fractures many, many spine problems including completely dessicated discs and broken vertabrae with no known cause joint, bone, and muscle pain various intenstinal problems bleeding ulcer vertigo depression panic attacks memory issues brain fog acid reflux blood clots frequent migraines strange allergic reactions VERY FREQUENT illnesses and infections - This last year alone I have had the flu around 10 times, bronchitis, pink eye, severe sinus infection, numerous skin, tooth, and wound infections, several colds, and I even had MRSA and I'm sure I have forgotten some things my daughter - mood issues panic attacks discolored teeth despite good dental health routines breathing issues constant cravings for food, especially gluten containing food memory issues heart problems and low oxygen saturation We eat healthy most of the time, are pretty active, spend a lot of time outside and generally live a heathy lifestyle. I feel like I am falling apart here. I don't have the money to go in and get tested but I would imagine if we went gluten free for a while and most of the symptoms disappear that would pretty much answer my question. How long does it take to see symptom improvement? Does this sound like a gluten issue to you? Thanks so much for reading....