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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. ok i cant decide if this is a sign of acidently eating gluten or something else, i have been gluten free for about 6 months all is pretty well and ocasionally i get whcked with this feeling ! my eyes feel stairy my legs and feet feel slightly weird like i have sand in my socks and my feet feel like the stage after you have just recovered from pins and needles not numb! dose anyone else get that kind of symptom also im getting post nasal drip and feel abit anxious and legs just dont feel right quiet worried and help would be great thanks jo
  2. My stomach feels strange and weird could it really be from taking away gluten
  3. thanks for the advice i love rice and haven't eaten any yet some good food ideas there i will defo stay off the processed foods is cheese ok or will the dairy/lactose be too much for me cheers joe
  4. hi there please help me this is causing me alot of anxiety i went gluten free about 3 weeks ago but had some hickups i have been truly fully gluten free for just over 1 and a half weeks i eat some soy bran crackers and within 2 hours or less i felt very sick like i was going to throwup and then the next day i did the same thing could it be these crackers also today i dont really feel sick but i feel drained and my stomach keeps rumbling and feels bloated like a baloon i am not getting cross contaiminated i had turky brest and new potatos for dinner and home made ham salad for lunch with helmans mayo only other thing i had today was lactose free milk kinda felt okay before that i felt sick last 4 days but today i dont feel sick i just feel rumbling in the stomach and weird could it be the milk are theses normal symptoms after going gluten free or are they symptoms of something else other than that lots of other symptoms have cleared after going gluten free thanks please reply and help my iam very anxious with this all now joe
  5. anyone else experienced this sticking to strict gluten free diet but crackers made me feel very ill toilet nausea ect thanks joe
  6. so basically ive been looking back and i have been gluten free for about 3 weeks but every Sunday i am feeling ill like very sick and toilet alot not normal feel dizzy and lethargic nausea after i eat and basically i have relised that it might be caused by my weekly alcohol intake on a Friday night looking back i always feel ill after alcohol not the next morning like a hangover more like 1 to 2 days later im wondering if this is something to do with going gluten free or a separate intolerance any feedback would be massively appreciated as this is making me feel anxious kind regards joe
  7. thanks Cara i am feeling better and better everyday the further away from gluten i get in time the greater i feel! i am not going to eat nasty gluten and feel rubbish as far as i am concerned i have confirmed proof i am intolerant and i look forward to feeling great in my new lifestyle thanks : )
  8. hi all my name is joe ! anyhow i am 27 years old and in around September i kept feeling mysteriously ill and getting alot of anxiety and depression mainly anxiety and feeling ill all the time, sick dizzy a feeling of not myself stomach pains and cramps alot of feeling ill after eating someday ok other days very bad flu like symptoms feeling foggy in the head panic attacks 2 of my main symptoms where red eyes or like a blood shot eye and post nasal drip constant swallowing basically i want feeling well lol in lots of ways anyway i noticed in around December January that i would feel ill after eating certain types of foods pastry ect and other things so around 2 and a half weeks ago the anxiety had gotten good and i decided after reading about celiac and gluten intolerance to compleatly cut out gluten even in condiments toothpaste i cut it completely out the very nexy day i still felt abit ill but slightly less i then felt iller than before i almost like withdrawal symptoms they soon went and i didnt feel ill any more my red eyes that where red almost everyday compleatly went the post nasel drip stopped almost other night with the red eyes and i didnt feel sick after eating anymore my stools started to look better and within a week i was feeling great like i hadent felt in a long while then 5 days ago i eat somethings that contain glutain without knowing i let my guard down and within one hour i started to feel sick and then i had ditherer bad aswell i felt very anxious the next day i felt sick ill had slightly red eyes and the post nasel drip was back the day after that i felt abit dizzy and very sick afetr eating and more runny stools then the day after i felt a bit better then we get to today post nasil drip has gone ted eyes gone anxiety good no depression and dont feel sick atall doctor thinks i have had a virus along with anxiety but the nutritionist thinks the proofs in the pudding and i am gluten sensitive ok sorrry for lack of punctuation as i am not good at typing thanks for reading my post i have enjoyed learning about celiac and what i can and cant eat i would like really for as people with epericance your thoughts on what i have gone throgh kind regards joe