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  1. Has anyone stayed at the El Dorado resort? if so how was it as far as getting food prepared gluten free? My husband has a gluten sensitivity.
  2. Heading to seabrook island, sc in June. Any ideas of gluten friendly places to eat in charleston. Seabrook island, johns island etc? My daughTer is celiac and will get sick with cross contamination. Not looking for super expensive restaurants. Thanks
  3. I am looking for a 30th wedding anniversary trip. My husband is celiac and I am wondering if going to aruba would be better or doing an all inclusive in another country. If so which one. What is it like in oct. Or nov? Thanks, Nancy.
  4. We will be in charleston in one week. My husband is gluten free. Does anyone know of any restaurants that would accommodate us? I am looking for some reasonably priced ones. Bakeries? Thanks, Nancy
  5. We will be in charlotte for a couple days. Are there any restaurants or bakeries we shouldn't miss for gluten-free options? Thanks, nancy