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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been wheat free since December. The main reason I made the shift in my diet was because I read Wheat Belly. I have noticed great changes with my health. I sleep better, have more energy, digestion is much better, skin looks better, and I overall FEEL better. The one thing that I have not noticed is the weight loss. I have not lost 1 pound. Now, I know what you are thinking "this guy is obviously replacing the carbs with carbs". The truth is, I eat the best I have ever eaten in my life. I don't eat processed foods, chips, or sweets. I have a Nutribullet smoothie every morning, eat nuts and seeds, lots of fruits and veggies... I still have not lost 1 pound... I have eliminated GMO foods... still not 1 pound... This is very odd for myself as before I was very yoyo. I would gain and then with little effort, I would lose. I am wondering if any of you have any suggestions or similar problems. Is there something that I am not being told or should I just stick it out and expect it to fall off shortly?
  2. Dehydrating

    WOW Thanks for the tips! I really like the flax crackers idea!
  3. Dehydrating

    Do you have any recipes or tips? What do you like to dehydrate the most?
  4. This year I am planting my first vegetable garden and I have been looking into ways of preserving. I am very interested in a food dehydrator. I think the main benefit of the dehydrator is that is doesn't eliminate any of the nutrients so it is like eating the food raw. I am just concerned about the time it takes to dehydrate and also if I would use it. Do any of you use a dehydrator? If so, let me know some things you use it for. I know I will for sure be making some kale chips!
  5. I am going to get a Spirooli (same idea). I have been very interested in a raw food diet and if I decide to move forward with it or not I know having veggie pasta would be a huge improvement from rice pasta. I am also going to plant my first garden this summer and will need to get crafty with how I am going to consume my harvest. I read some of your comments and I am glad to know that you are enjoying yours!
  6. I don't have any specific recipes that I follow. No mater what, I always have 50% greens and 50% fruit. Depending on the day I may put and apple to thicken it up or a banana to make it sweet. I also will put almonds, ground flax or sesame seeds. I did find this bag of mixed greens at Costco that had baby kale and spinach and another leafy green and I found it had a very fresh taste when I used it in my smoothie. With the NB it comes with a recipe book but I tend to just throw in what I have. I find this way I get variety and each day is a new taste.
  7. Generally when a restaurant has a gluten free crust it is already on a pan from the manufacturer of the crust. This would be something that you can confirm. Also, like most fast food places, there are people with certain areas of production. Workers who make dough would not likely be putting the toppings on the pizza.
  8. I recently gave in and purchased the NutriBullet. This is a new blender from the makers of the MagicBullet. There are many differences with the NutriBullet and the MagicBullet. The first would be the look. The NB is so much bigger than the MB. The blades are different as well. With the MB there are only 4 small blades while the NB has 6 large blades. One difference that you cannot see is the power, internally there is more juice. Now the NB suggests you put 50% leafy greens, 50% fruits and some seeds or nuts and top off with water. I have one for breakfast and generally one with or after supper. This is an amazing product. It literally extracts all of the good stuff our bodies need and sometimes do not get by just eating the foods. Sometimes things like the skins just go through us and our bodies do not have a chance to fully digest all of the nutrients. The NB truly blends EVERYTHING you put in it! I was able to see a difference within the first few days. I am sleeping better, feeling better and I know I am doing better. This was recommended to me by a friend, I used it and recommended it to another friend, she used it and recommended to another friend.... It is a chain reaction. Be the first in your group to bring this life changing product in.
  9. Before going gluten-free, my favourite food was pizza. The best place for pizza, in my opinion, is Domino's. As their prices are so fair I thought they would never have a gluten free pizza crust and never looked into. Last night I got a craving for pizza and decided to look into Domino's to see what gluten-free options, if any, they had. I was EXTREMELY surprised to see that they, in fact, DO have a gluten free crust. I, of course, ordered the pizza and hoped that it was better quality than other pizza crusts I had. I have found that with each wheat free crust, the quality is never up to my standards and generally kind of gross. When I opened the pizza box to reveal what used to be the best thing to eat I was instantly in love. It actually looked like a real pizza. There is no crust with this, which didn't faze me as I don't even like crust. Once I took the first bite, my mouth felt like it had met an old friend. This is by far the BEST gluten free pizza I have EVER had. I will mention, like most restaurants that are chain, the staff is not much educated on the effects of wheat and they do some "guessing" with their other food. The woman tried to tell me that the breaded chicken was gluten-free, I kindly disagreed. Make sure you ask them to read the list of safe toppings as their chicken has wheat but pepperoni does not. I strongly suggest giving this a try!