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  1. Guar Gum Treatment For Ibs

    Oops. Sorry, the only link I meant to post was the first one. Can disregard the others.
  2. I know this is a celiac forum, although many of us suffer from IBS as well as Celiac, like myself, which may have caused the IBS in the first place. Anyways, I have started this treatment 2 days ago along with my modified diet and probiotics, and I have been feeling much better overall already. This probably just sounds like another "magical" recovery, but I have found many clinical studies on it as well and I thought I would let you all look for yourselves in that hopes that it could help someone. Here is a link to 8 articles I found. https://www.medify.com/articles/search?condition=Irritable+Bowel+Syndrome&treatment=guar+gum#search?pivot=condition&condition=Irritable%20Bowel%20Syndrome&treatment=guar%20gum&_suid=136723907447606415736407720288 Here is an abstract of one of the articles I found interesting: Digestive Diseases and SciencesJune 2005, Volume 50, Issue 6, pp 1107-1112 Treatment Effects of Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum on Symptoms and Quality of Life of Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A Multicenter Randomized Open Trial Giancarlo Parisi MD, Enrico Bottona MD, Maurizio Carrara MD, Fabrizio Cardin MD, Alessandra Faedo MD, Dario Goldin MD, Marco Marino MD, Maurizio Pantalena MD, Gianni Tafner MD, Giorgio Verdianelli MD,   Abstract The effects of partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) were compared in patients with irritable bowel syndrome, at 10 g/day (N = 40) and 5 g/day (N = 46) for 12 weeks. Gastrointestinal symptoms (GSRS), quality of life (SF-36), and psychological symptoms (HADS) were evaluated at baseline, during treatment (months 1 and 3), and at follow-up (month 6). In both groups symptoms and quality of life improved significantly after the first month of administration until follow-up compared to those at baseline. However, the improvement was significantly reduced at follow-up compared to the end of treatment. PHGG was effective for improving somatic (gastrointestinal symptoms) and psychological (quality of life and psychological distress) symptoms over the short term. Since the improvement tended to decrease after the end of the treatment period, further studies should evaluate the benefits of PHGG at a maintenance dosage. I didn't feel like paying the $40 for the full article, but there are a couple others I could fully open that are similar. PHGG is simply a natural soluble fiber. These articles show only continuous positive improvement overall when taking PHGG. This study was only done for 3 months. What if the treatment was done for 2 years? Could our bodied possibly heal themselves of IBS? Anyone had any personal experience with PHGG? Thanks!
  3. My Successful Diet

    Basically yes. It is a supplement that helps provide enzymes to breakdown the foods you eat.
  4. I agree with Cavernio about suspecting lactose. In my experience, doctors won't give much advice to anything remotely controversial such as diets or supplements to help with recovery. They will simply say to eat gluten free and take a lactaid supplement if you have trouble with lactose. My GI doctor originally told me that celiac disease was still controversial and wanted to just diagnose me with the all encompassing term IBS... Anyways, if I were you, I would try to bring my diet down to the basics to a point where I could feel comfortable and than slowly add food back to find out what bothers me. Example: fruits, vegetables, meats, cashews. I would also take a digestive enzyme before each meal (i use digest platinum by Now Foods). Hopefully that can get you to a starting point and than you can add on from there with maybe white rice, lactose free milk/yogurt, etc..
  5. I just thought I would post my successful diet in hopes that it may help someone else in some way. I was diagnosed with Celiac one year ago and have tried several diets since. I eventually created one diet that worked best for me and my recovery. I am slowly, but surely, seeing small improvements every week. I originally started a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, meats, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. That diet was insufficient, although it did allow my body to begin recovery and prepare for the next step. The next step was my own diet that I made after MUCH trial and error... Before I eat any rice or potatoes, I take a digestive enzyme (digest platinum by Now Foods). I also take a digestive enzyme with anything I eat after 6pm. I don't eat anything after 8:30pm and I go to bed at 11pm. I've learned it is very important to allow yourself to digest all food before going to bed so you can have the most rejuvenating sleep possible. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs White rice (I use Minute Instant Rice) Time between breakfast and dinner: White Potato Assorted Fruits Assorted Vegetables (raw or pureed) Honey Flavored Lactose Free Yogurt (I use Green Valley Yogurt) White Rice Roasted Cashews (I get mine from nuts.com) Dinner and up to 8:30pm: Some kind of meat Assorted Fruits Assorted Vegetables White Rice Roasted Cashews I realize there are many more specifics to every diet, although these are the building blocks to mine that have allowed for easy digestion and proper nutrition.