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  1. My Hashimoto's may be causing some issues... that is true. My levels however, are the best I've seen them in a long time. Even my Free T numbers are actually fairly decent. They could maybe be a smidge higher, but typically if my levels look like they do now, I feel okay. Another issue, is that I am heavily perimenopausal, so I am almost leaning more towards that as the issue. My gynecologist didn't think I needed HRT and wouldn't test my levels, and when I've asked about my huge, bloated tummy doctors just tell me to "eat less" or that my "body just likes being that size" Total crap. I had a scratch test 2 years ago for gluten that was negative, but it also said shellfish was negative and I know for a fact that I cannot eat it or my throat closes up. I no longer trust what MD's do/say as being the only answers, which is why I sought out help elsewhere. I've spent too long feeling terrible, canceling plans, avoiding people, lying around, and just living a generally horrible existence.
  2. I wasn't offended. I'm just frustrated! I went to this guy for "natural" help with my thyroid, thinking for months that something was wrong there, but it's clearly not that at all. I'm not sure why these tests are not "recognized by the medical community". I had them drawn by a lab and I've found info on them, online. I wasn't even thinking about gluten issues or celiac or anything like that when I went to see him. I wanted my cortisol checked because no doctor will check that, and I was hoping for a more natural approach towards feeling better. I'll just wait for my appointment on Friday and see what happens at my appointment and take it from there...
  3. Thyroid levels were all normal, as mentioned in original post. I've had thyroid disease for 13 years and am on meds and am very aware of where my levels should be with that. It's this gluten, celiac thing that I'm totally confused about. I basically have no idea what you said in the rest of your response, but thanks for taking the time to respond to me so thoroughly!
  4. Hello... I went to a Chiropractor a couple of weeks ago, who specializes in integrative health, and asked to be checked for issues with my Thyroid since I've had Hashimoto's since 2001 and haven't been feeling great and can not seem to lose weight. He ran a fairly complete panel on me and while it doesn't appear to be a full Celiac panel, I'll include the ones that were off. My interpretation after some late night googling, led me to Celiac disease, which would make sense based on my symptoms. (abdominal bloating especially in the upper ab area, constipation, gas, skin rashes, fatigue, aching joint/muscles and depression). I do have an appointment with him on Friday to go over the results but I am not sure I can afford to use him for treatment because insurance won't cover it and he's VERY expensive. Here are the results in question: Immunoglobulin G subclass 2 745 (High) range: 241-700 Immunoglobulin G serum 1643 (high) range: 694-1618 Immunoglobulin A 17 (LOW) range: 81-463 Gluten Allergen IGG 9.7 (high) <2.0 mcg/mL Oddly, my thyroid antibodies were negative and all of my levels were nearly perfect. Magnesium was normal Vitamin D came back strange... one (dyhidroxy) was slightly high at 81 and the other regular one they always run (D3) was 36. I take 1000 iu's almost every day but I miss it occasionally. My cholesterol was just outside the normal range, but I know changing my eating habits will help. About 6 years ago, I had an endoscopy and they checked for H Pylori and Celiac disease... both were negative. Wondering if I should take these results to my family doctor and see about getting more tests or should I just go ahead and go Gluten free because clearly there's something awry. Also, the blood work that was run, was done about 2 weeks after failing at a gluten-free diet that I tried for just 3 weeks. Not sure if that would have an impact one way or another. Thanks in advance!
  5. You know, my son hasn't been growing that well in the last year and a half.... I just thought his hormones were waiting to kick in... Now I wonder about him too.
  6. I had been staying on top of the fever thing the whole time... no worries there. Round the clock meds, and cool compresses on her forehead and neck.. and lots of cuddles and backrubs! I am SO exhausted!!! Her fever finally broke and she is back to normal today. She wanted to eat, so she had chicken noodle soup and a few other bland things, and she seems pretty good, except tired. I am still wondering about the test... does anyone have any input on that. 154 in a range of 184-415? And the doctor insisting that was an adult range, but everything I read stated adults have a lower level of alk phos and therefore lower values. I am going to just keep an eye on her for now, and if she has any more vomiting episodes, I am going to try to get her seen by someone else. I don't necessarily want to go straight to the ped. gastro because I think some of the preliminary testing could be done here vs. having me drive all that way.
  7. I cross referenced, and adult ranges appear to be around 40-120 whereas children's can vary, but are anywhere from 130-500. Since this test states that the range is 184-415 and her age is clearly marked on the paper, I feel that I need to probe into this further. She clearly has stomach issues, and I don't feel at all satisfied being told to just "wait and see what else happens" when she has already suffered through 8-9 months of daily nausea with 4-5 vomiting episodes. She is ill right now... has had a fever ranging from 100-105 going on 5 days now/has lost weight/has absolutely no appetite/her stomach hurts! and the doctor didn't seem that concerned about that either, so I'm taking her to urgent care tomorrow. Time to find a new ped practice, apparently.
  8. So, the doctor says that the alkaline phosphatase test was normal, even though it says it isn't... that the values were based on an adult. I'm not sure I buy that. I'm going to research some more. I am sure she has a viral infection. One of my other kids had something similar to this about 10 years ago with a high fever that lasted for 5 days and no other symptoms, but I guess she just had me worried because of the other stuff that's been going on. They ran this test on my daughter, who is 8 years old: ALP SerPl-cCnc The range was 184-415 her result was 154 I thought adult ranges were lower, so I am a bit confused and still concerned.
  9. I am getting a little worried about her... I am not sure if this is related or not, but she developed a fever Friday, which she still has today (Monday) although it is now low-grade. Over the weekend, it spiked as high as 105, but I was able to bring it slowly back down to 101-102. She has zero appetite (doesn't even want anything chocolate, which is odd) and has lost 4lbs, which is a lot considering she only weighed 54 to begin with. The doctor is supposed to be calling me back sometime today, but in the meantime, I feel like I'm going to go nuts. How does everyone cope with the stress of all of this? I can handle it when there is something wrong with me, but I almost feel physically ill thinking that my child is sick.
  10. Thank you... I haven't spoken with the pediatrician yet, but I am so anxious to, to find out what her suggestions are. My daughter ate toast this morning and seems fine, so I just don't know what to think sometimes. Her stomach issues though, always seem to present themselves in the morning, and the rest of the day, she seems to be fine. Is that something others encounter? I have noticed that she has been very pale though, for years. I thought it was due to her Irish heritage from my side, but even in the summer, she will get some color, but behind the color, is a very pale base...whereas, I turn a golden color with a speckling of freckles. My husband is very dark complected... I thought he was middle eastern or greek when we first met, but he is German! ha.
  11. Thank you very much. I made a note of them!!!
  12. Thank you! If someone could post or send me the link to the panel that I should request, that would be fantastic. Also, should her pediatrician go ahead and do this, or do we need a referral to a pediatric GI? I am trying to hold off doing that, because it's at least an hour's drive to get to the closest one. I would love to be armed with all the knowledge I need prior to talking to her doctor tomorrow, so I know what to ask for. I already planned to ask for the thyroid panel and some specific vitamins/minerals, but a list would help a LOT!!!
  13. Hello, My 8 year old daughter has had issues with her stomach for about 9 months now. Mainly, bloating and morning nausea, which I stupidly attributed to nerves about school, because we moved 3 times in 2 years. Over the last few months, she has had a few bouts of morning vomiting (it's always just bile, happens maybe 3-4 times, she falls asleep and then wakes up ravenously hungry) with the most recent two times within a week of each other. I finally decided that something other than nerves had to be to blame....so off to the pediatrician we went. She mentioned a myriad of possible culprits (gluten or celiac was one), ran a bunch of tests on her, and the only thing that came back out of the ordinary, was her alkaline phosphatase reading "below low normal". I have not spoken to the doctor as of yet, because I saw the blood test results on her account last night. Upon further research, I narrowed it down to a few possibilities... hypothyroidism (she doesn't have the signs... I have this disease), nutritional deficiencies (could be, however she is my BEST eater out of four children) or Celiac disease. I tested negative for this 4 years ago, but have been told I am probably gluten intolerant, so I eat very little to no gluten, however I do buy foods that contain glutens for the rest of the family. I am wondering what you all think... and what testing should I be looking for, based on what we're looking at right now. Her other symptoms are bloating, gas, pale, redness around eyes, and occasional eczema. She is in the 50th% for height and weight, consistently. She seems to have a bowel movement fairly regularly, but I haven't checked them to see what they're like. She previously had a tree nut allergy that was diagnosed at the age of 2, and was cleared of it two months ago, after all the testing came back negative. I still don't allow her to have nuts though, just in case. I am worried sick about her, as she seems to be sick an awful lot, and I just want my sweet girl to feel well again.