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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Novak Djokovic is gluten intolorent, though not celiac.
  2. 49 Yo Bodybuilder Needing Advice.

    Quinoa does need to be washed, it has a natural pesticide which will cause you some reaction if not washed properly. You might be racting to that and not the grain itself.
  3. Pre-Race Food

    If you're talking about the time immediately before a race (as opposed to carbo loading days prior) then about an hour or two before the race something like a slice of bread, an energy bar or pretzels (gluten-free naturally). If you’re really serious about it you can have an energy gel about 15 minutes before the race on top of that. I find a 10K too short to justify having another gel during the race itself, Gatorade and water are sufficient. I try and avoid fats right before running, so for instance the peanut and chocolate flavored energy gels don’t sit well with me, but you need to experiment and find your own routine. I’d experiment with these items during your usual workouts, testing how you feel with different combinations and pre-workout timing. Don’t eat or do something on a race day that you haven’t had before, it’s much easier to have a bad surprise than a good one.
  4. I don't know anything specific about that, but perhaps a vitamin deficiency due to the celiac disease (B12, K?) is causing low platelet count or other clotting condition, which can cause bleeding. Depending on how strenuous the exercise is, your blood pressure can almost double which would make you more prone to bleeding. Perhaps a platelet count and general blood screening would yield some information.
  5. 49 Yo Bodybuilder Needing Advice.

    There are gluten free energy bars, the ones I've had so far are Perfectly Simple (by ZonePerfect), Pure organic, ThinkThin, ProBar and ProMax. I haven't conducted an extensive study into every flavor, you should verify each one individually by label and by eating only one kind a time to see your actual reaction. Have you really tried all the carbs? There are quite a few of them... Quinoa, amaranth, teff, oats (has to be certified gluten-free though, not just any oats), sorghum, tapioca, corn, beans, legumes, and plain old rice. You will probably have to prepare it all yourself since restaurants in general can’t be trusted. I’ve gotten quite decent at making my own bread out of these things, most of which I never heard of before becoming gluten intolerant.
  6. I (M 32) developed widespread muscle, joint, tendon and ligament pains very abruptly (about two weeks from normal to hardly able to walk) around January 2013, which is almost certainly due to developing gluten intolorence. Four weeks into gluten free diet and I'm now 95% back to normal. All the symptoms you describe I also had; muscles burning, twitching, needle pricks - especially in the arms, back and legs. The tendons in the back of my knees and front of my elbows were absolutly killing me before I switched to gluten-free.
  7. About four months ago I started developing quite suddenly severe knee and muscle pains in my quads/hamstrings. I assumed this was due to exercise as I was increasing my workload gradually and was doing about 6 hours of cardio a week at the time. I went to a sports medicine doctor which diagnosed it as IT band syndrome and sent me to physical therapy. The therapy didn’t help, and the symptoms spread to other joints and muscles. Eventually I went to my primary care doctor which tested me for lupus, RA, Lyme and toxoplasmosis - all were negative. I had googled the symptoms and gluten intolerance did fit some of the symptoms, but I had no digestive symptoms so initially I assumed it wasn’t the problem, but eventually I was getting very frustrated with the constant pain and not being able to exercise that I decided I might as well give the gluten free diet a chance. Within two days I could feel the difference, and four weeks into the gluten free diet I would say I’m about 95% back to normal. It’s a bit disappointing that I was the one to come up with the answer after three months of suffering and $1500 worth of tests, rather than a doctor, but I guess I’m happy to be back to normal. It’s quite amazing just how widespread and diverse the pain was, I was getting joint pains in basically every joint of my body, ligaments and tendons would hurt, needle prick and some longer lasting burning sensations in muscles, joint clicking in the spine, skin sensitivity, and the most concerning was a feeling of individual muscle fibers tearing when performing routime every day motions. Essentially my whole body was hurting one way or another.