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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you all so much!! She's been very very slowly starting to feel better - right now she's keeping liquids down and is busy being a grump - though I don't blame her. The meds seem to be easing her symptoms some ... that or the 3 days with no food has calmed her belly down .... I will update after her appt on Tuesday!
  2. I finally got copies of her lab reports - we have been referred to a ped GI and have an appointment at 10 next Tuesday. Our regular ped is now saying that she is "borderline positive" - her lab results are below: 1st set of labs: IgA 205 Range 33-200 Endomysial IgA <1:10 Range - Negative if <1:10 Gliad IgA 28 Range Neg. <20; weak positive 20-30, strong positive >30 Gliad IgG 2 Range Neg. <20; weak positive 20-30, strong positive >30 2nd set of labs (I don't have everything back yet just the IgA - the rest will be back by Friday) IgA 236 Range 33-200 We ended up in the ER with her last night due to her abdominal pain and vomiting. They were able to get her re hydrated and we came home after a few hours. The ER doc said to start a gluten free diet, but when I called the Ped GI after we got the referral this morning his office said not to change her diet until after we see the doc..... ugh - I'm hoping the next 5 days go quickly and that if she needs a scope they can do it rapidly because I feel awful for her.
  3. Our daughter has been struggling for 7 months with various stomach and digestive issues. Severe abdominal cramping and pain , nausea and occasional vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, an occasional odd rash and a rare fever, along with decreased appetite and weight loss. Our doctor initially attributed it to a fairly rough flu season coupled with the possibility of a stomach virus. At a follow up visit with symptoms persisting her ordered a blood draw to test for Celiac disease, which came back positive. The doctor is recommending a follow-up blood test to confirm. She had the blood work done today - It has been just over 2 weeks - because she is so miserable What is our best course of action now? She is so miserable, she is on Zofran (as needed for nausea), Levicin for abdominal cramping several times per day, and an antacid. She has very little appetite - preferring things like chicken broth, frozen yogurt and jello - and has lost 8 pounds - she is down to 34 pounds. Wouldn't it be better to just go with a diagnosis and begin diet change instead of letting her continue to suffer for another month? Also how many people had the biopsy to confirm diagnosis?? I am concerned about putting her through something like that if the blood test is fairly accurate (which my doctor said it's very accurate) Thoughts?? If this were your child how would you treat this situation.