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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wow, you and I have very similar symptoms Celeste! I didn't get better either with just a gluten free diet, I actually didn't get better at all and even got worse. I was so exhausted and dizzy I couldn't get out of bed most days. The only thing that helped me was doing the GAPS introduction diet for a full month. After this I have stuck to the GAPS diet but with tons of juicing and some added elements of the Gerson therapy, such as drinking castor oil. I have made SO much progress! My constant bloating is 80% gone as is my pain. My life long anemia is gone, I have more stable energy and have been able to return to a normally scheduled day, and I even exercise occasionally. I started the GAPS intro about 6 months ago and have made huge progress, theres still some symptoms I need to clear up but looking back at how sick I was its like night and day.
  2. I have a milk allergy as well and I have never worried about CC with pans and I have never had a problem. My whole family eats dairy and I share the same pots and pans don't take stuff with lactose either, there are tons if options without it!
  3. In General I would say stop the vitamins. If you eat a lot of vitamin rich foods its not usually necessary. If shes taking a vitamin C vitamin I would say why not just make a point of eating two oranges every day, or some strawberries. One orange has 160% of your daily vitamin C. So why take a vitamin with all sorts of fillers, when you could eat a yummy orange? and mostly likely the vitamin C used in the capsule was grown in corn and extracted and wouldn't be considered paleo. If you want to take supplements you can but make sure and call the company to make sure its gluten free. As for vitamin B, eat your leafy greens and you should be all set! The one problem that can happen is if your small intestine cant absorb the vitamins your putting in. In this case no fruit, or supplement would work. She could ask her doctor to test her for vitamin deficiencies, and see what her levels are. Especially calcium is important. If she has no depleted levels I would just continue to eat healthy. If shes low in some of them you could give it a month, making sure to eat foods rich in those vitamins everyday, and get re-tested. If she is still deficient in some vitamins she can ask her doctor to give her injections of those vitamins. They are usually more than willing to do this, and it bypasses the issue of your small intestine not absorbing it, the vitamins are injected right to where they need to be!! you can get these injections like once a month for a while until your small intestine is healed and ready to do work As for the digestive enzymes that's really up to you. I cant find the full ingredient list online, so I would call the company and make sure It doesn't contain any corn, soy, dairy, or even gluten. Then if your wife feels she really needs them to help digest, or they are helping her she should continue taking them. I would recommend taking a high quality, dairy free probiotic. Celiac leaves us very susceptible to bacterial imbalance and overgrowth. Sometimes even Candida (yeast) overgrowth in or small intestines. A probiotic gives you the good bacteria you need to digest and ensures everything stays in balance. I've been taking one for quite some time and i think it really does help. Paleo really did help me feel better, but I'm still not 100% better, not even close. This diet gave me less pain and more energy, but I am actually going to Mayo Clinic next week to get tested for bacterial or yeast overgrowth. This is one of the causes of stomach bloating, which i suffer from any time I eat sugar (fruit, carbs, honey, anything with sugar). I almost guarantee on this diet she will feel better, but if she is still having problems I wouldn't hesitate going to your doctor and asking for vitamin levels tested and bacterial imbalances/yeast overgrowth tested. These are two of the more common things that cause problems with celiacs. You can usually get a breath test for the bacteria/yeast or a blood test, and its super easy. If you go to the doctors knowing what you want tested, and even what test you want ordered for it your doctor is sure to cooperate Sorry this is so long, I'm a girl, I never stop talking But give it a month or two, it takes time, and if things aren't improving fast enough, she should see a doctor. If you want I can even tell you or her about my experience at Mayo Clinic when I get back, see if it helped me, if going to a specialized clinic is something you would be interested in!!! They have celiac specialist there and when I called they asked me a ton of questions about symptoms and scheduled me for four days worth of testing and appointments. I'm hoping they will help me heal faster and find whats causing my current symptoms. They told me after a consultation down there with a specialist, additional test can be ordered if they think necessary or if I have something I want tested, so its pretty customized to individual needs. I leave this Monday and should be getting back by Friday or Saturday. If you two were curious about going to mayo Clinic or something similar I would be more than happy to share my experience, tell you if it was helpful, or even what to expect ) any way I can help, I know how hard it is to feel sick and tired all the time.
  4. If you really don't want to get the endoscopy done try first just going gluten free for 2-3 weeks. If her stomach aches go away or get better then just continue from there. I was 17 and terrified of the endoscopy idea, but i did it and it really wasn't bad. They just gave me an IV, I fell asleep, and I woke up later laying in the hospital bed. They gave me juice and I got dressed and my mom came and got me. It was super quick, and there was absolutely no pain. Im not trying to say you should do it, but if you end up having to bring your daughter in, its pretty easy and quick. And yes I think she would show damage with lowish levels, because if she eats gluten the night before, her villi will be flattened and there will be inflammation. For your question on just one being elevated, if it was really early along that could be possible. Everything varies with each person. But I would recommend trying the gluten free diet and if it helps, make it permanent. I would also recommend getting her tested for food allergies. I had just stomach aches, no other symptoms, when I was 13 and was diagnosed with milk and egg allergy. It wasn't until I started having severe pain and diarrhea and complete loss of appetite at the age of 17 that I was diagnosed with celiac.
  5. Hi Langzi! I have celiac and much like you about a month after my diagnosis I decided to go paleo. It sped up my improvement very much. Its a pretty easy diet to follow. No you cant eat grain or starch, but the foods you can eat are fruits, veggies, meats, and seeds/nuts. Starchy foods are mostly just potatoes. You cannot have potatoes, nor any grain. The only grains with gluten are wheat barley and rye as you know, but all grains caused a problem for me, so this diet really did help. So even though rice or quinoa or something like corn pasta are gluten free, you cannot eat them. Also you have to avoid these foods in a paleo diet 1.) soy 2.)Dairy 3.)corn 4.) legumes So read all labels, and mostly buy fresh produce and meat and cook. This sounds very strict but after getting used to it for like 2 weeks its easy. I have a beef roast and carrots with gravy in the over right now for dinner. You cant tell me that sounds like diet food. The hardest part is spending the extra money it takes to eat this way. And buying things like a food processor, which are pretty much needed. What really helped me were paleo diet blogs. This is my all time favorite, quick meals that taste amazing and the writer has an addictive personality http://paleomg.com/ This may seem weird that its raw and vegan, but there pretty much all gluten free and paleo friendly desserts. I sometimes bake some of her recipes, even though she says no cooking is necessary. Who would want a cold piece of pumpkin pie, why you could have a warm one? But her recipes are all pretty healthy, and eating healthy helps you feel better faster. http://www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com/ All together putting nourishing healthy food into your body will do wonders, but it doesn't have to be bland or boring. These recipes are delicious. Some of my favorites are just shrimp with Cajun seasonings, and chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. I also love to make a paleo pizza. cheese-less and a crust using almond and coconut flour. or even cauliflower crust. Just focus of these foods 1.)Fruit 2.) Veggies 3.) Meat/fish/poultry 4.) seeds and nuts Eat as much as you want every day of these foods. Here are some other recipe blogs http://www.paleoeffect.com/category/recipes/ http://www.paleocupboard.com/ http://zenbellyblog.com/ Eating out can also be difficult, but if you get a salad your almost always safe, and also getting a steak or piece of fish with seasonings, and a side of broccoli is a good meal. I hope this was helpful to you! and please respond with any questions if you have them, I've been on this diet for a while and have gotten pretty used to it. I hope you have success with it and your wife feel better soon
  6. Candida The Cause?

    I found this article that directly states at the end of paragraph two that celiac can be causes by candida. I am pretty darn interested in this connection and plan on bringing it up with the doctors I am seeing next week at Mayo Clinic! http://www.wellnessresources.com/health/articles/digestive_alert_thyroid_celiac_candida/ I also found this article about Autism and Candida where it mentions celiac, and how a mother having celiac can increase a child likelihood of having autism. Its really an interesting read, hope you enjoy http://candidaplan.com/blog/742/candida-and-autism/
  7. Still Feel After Gluten Free Diet

    It takes time, give it a couple more months. I've been gluten free for about 5 months and I was feeling worse for the first 4 months and I think I'm finally starting to feel better so be hopeful. I know it sucks, but I'm sure you will get better. If you really want I would recomend seeing a specialist. I'm going to mayo clinic to see a celiac specialized doctor, just to make sure!
  8. I don't have this, sorry to say so I can't relate. But since I've had problems with celiac I've have weird pains, numbness, and tingling in different parts of my body. They usually go away but in sone areas it will last for a week or two. I would see a doctor, but making sure you don't have any vitamin deficiency would also be a good step. Celiac causes weird other conditions. The way we eat and those nutrients really do effect every single cell in our body. Celiac changes everything.
  9. And yes you can eat them, it's not recomended because allergic reactions can become worse over time. But I eat some dairy now and then and it's not a big deal, just some bloating and cramps
  10. No, it shouldn't. Unless the reason your getting sick is because the nuts have gluten. I have milk, and egg allergies and a soy intolerance. Often those foods cause similar reactions to gluten ehen i eat them. It doesn't mean it's damaging your small intestine because it doesn't mean it's a trigger for your autoimmune disorder. It just means your body doesn't quite agree with it. If you have an allergy it means your body is attacking the food, celiac means your body is in a way attacking itself. Both of these can cause stomach distress.
  11. College Dating

    I'm a 18 year old college girl, and have celiac. I think any girl would prefer a guy cooking for them rather than just going out anyways. It's so much more romantic and shows more effort! I have never met a guy who really had a problem with my celiac, I know it's harder, but I'm sure she will be fine with your celiac and every thing that goes along with it
  12. Acne That Sticks Around...

    (Sorry my phone messed up) but I started to improve so much faster! And my skin cleared right up. And yeah sugar is hard to give up, but if you use fruit and honey as sweeteners in baking and stuff it's delicious, and still good for you. I like to cook paleo recipes for dessert because there grain and refined sugar free. And sooo yummy!
  13. Acne That Sticks Around...

    Your welcome! And yeah give it some time I've been gluten free for maybe 6 months if you includ before I started eating it again for the biopsy. And going grain free was the best decision for me. I started t
  14. Acne That Sticks Around...

    I'm the same, I don't have bad skin. It is usually very clear, but I break out pretty bad from time to time, and it seems like it takes forever to go away. I find I break out when I eat dairy most often, and that my skin is super easy to control by the way I eat. I don't eat sugar unless natural, any kind of grain or dairy. I know this sounds impossible but it's the only thing that keeps my healthy and clear. I'm 17 and its very hard for me, but the benefits out way the risks. If you wanted a different way, try the clarisonic. It's a bit pricy for a face washing device, but the daily exfoliation really helps your skin stay clear, and glowey all the time. I have one and it was worth every penny.
  15. Pelvic Pain Girls?

    Yeah I had an ultrasound and it came back normal I guess, and my doctor said it has nothing to do with my celiac, and prescribed me pain killers for cramps. I just don't think it's cramps, because its not the same kind of pain I usually get while on my period. I've only been gluten free for 2 months though so maybe I just need to give it more time. I just haven't really improved at all.