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  1. So Glad I Found This Forum! New Here :)

    Thanks! This is such a new world for me and just reading thru posts here I have learned so much - the 2 main things are there is hope that I will feel better and I need to take this all very seriously. My allergies were found thru blood testing. I am not sure what type of test it was just that my insurance wasn't crazy about the cost and it almost 4 weeks to get the results. I am going to get a copy of it and hopefully that will help me sort thru all this. My doctor has gone on maternity leave so it will be a few weeks before I see her again (I live in a small town and am thrilled to have finally found a Dr that is determined to figure out what is going on). A little history - I own my own business - graphic artist turned candle maker when I fell in love with a cowboy and moved from the big city to the country - a hobby became a booming business. For the past few years I have developed migraines and fatigue - after exhausting all other causes my Doctor recommended we revisit allergy testing. Several years ago I had skin testing and pretty much am allergic to everything - this time skin test showed nothing - unknowingly I had taken Phenergan a day before due to a massive migraine/nausea which interfered with the reactions on this round of skin tests. The doctor decided to go ahead and draw blood and see if they could see if they could get the results that way since coming off all allergy meds was keeping me with a constant migraine. Had you ask me at any point before this I would have told you I absolutely do not have any food allergies/intolerances, I would have been wrong. It was at this point my doctor pulled my medical history and discovered I have actually had a lot of symptoms that were just never put together. Thyroid issues, severe B-12 deficiency, along with a couple other odd vitamin deficiencies, I have had abdomen issues all my life but in the past few years I hurt 99% of the time. I had an appendectomy several years ago and the pain has progressively gotten worse since then. I am one of those people who doesn't really sit still so I have just tried to go on with life and not complain much as I am sure my family is tired of hearing that I don't feel good. I have an insane pain tolerance (2 babies all natural - walking around up until 5 minutes before I delivered) I am thinking now - after reading every bit of info I can get my hands on - while I was ignoring the pain I think I have probably done a world of harm to my body.
  2. So Glad I Found This Forum! New Here :)

    Thank you for the info - this has been an ongoing issue - they suspected I had it a few years ago but after 5 months of misdiagnosed appendicitis and endless testing & treatments for everything from diverticulitis to parasites to Crohn's disease I had enough of doctors and just assumed I was just destined to not ever really feel good again. I have had blood test results for a while that they knew something was wrong - just didn't know it was - lots of tummy troubles (bloating and tummy is too tender to touch) and odd symptoms that no one put together. It was actually a skin allergy test gone wrong that lead to an in-depth blood work up that actually lead to some "unexpected" results that started to put this whole puzzle together. Forgive me for not using the correct lingo - this is all new to me and like I said I am still processing it all. I appreciate your help & input.
  3. So Glad I Found This Forum! New Here :)

    Thank you for the link - it is a goldmine of information! I suspect you are correct and I am in the "denial phase" of this whole situation. My Doctor is fairly certain I have Celiac disease and I know in my head (and stomach) that she is right.
  4. Just found this forum and so relieved from what I am reading to know I am not alone. I have recently been diagnosed with quite the wide array of food allergies. I am highly allergic to wheat, followed by dairy, yeast, egg whites, chocolate (the actual cocoa beans) and corn. My Doctor believes that I actually have Celiac disease but at this point I am not going to be tested as I am beginning to think that indeed ignorance is bliss. I suspect I have had these allergies for quite a while and just thought all my tummy issues were "normal". I have loved cooking since I was young girl and am referred to as the "Paula Deen" in our family. I feel like I am living in a snow globe that is constantly being shaken - every time I go to the grocery store now, I just want to cry. I am trying to figure out what my new normal is. I know on days I really watch what I eat I do feel better - no migraines, no tummy troubles, no watery eyes & nose and no rash on my face. I have started a new food diary and am paying closer attention to what I eat and what is causing the most symptoms. My Doctor says to just focus on the top 3 right now so I won't be so overwhelmed. My family is somewhat supportive but like me they are unsure how to process all this information. Hints, tips or positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Take care!