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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm not sure if I'd worry if I wasn't a celiac. It very well could be just a growth spurt or that she's different than my other two children. I have two others that barely eat anything. Maybe I'm just overreacting. I did make an appointment just to chat with the pediatrician next week. I really don't want to go into appointment and say something off the wall where the pediatrician dismisses me all together. Make sense? I guess I was just wondering if other parents had seen this in their kids and it turned out to go away on a gluten-free diet and was possibly bc of not absorbing nutrients etc. Maybe over the weekend I'll just introduce more protein at the start of her day and go from there. Thanks everyone.
  2. I started keeping a food journal and the foods she wants the most are grains. My husband and kids still eat whole grains. It's mostly healthy. Perhaps I could add more protein. I'm just really at a loss. It's really starting to concern me.
  3. I am a celiac and have noticed a troubling behavior in my 2 year old. She is constantly eating. She finishes eating, then will turn around and want more. Could this be a sign of celiac?
  4. Birthday Candles And Icing

    Thanks guys! I love the M&M idea... anyone know if the special colors of M&Ms are a concern. I will need purple and pink...lol typical little girl
  5. Does anyone know if the generic number candles have gluten in them?? My daughter turns 6 and I am worried about her candle. Also I can't find any of the icing in a tube to write her name on the cake without wheat starch? Any suggestions?
  6. It is such a relief, lol, I could hug you. I will keep a food journal. Right now I think I have to stick to just the basics, anytime I try and add anything I get stiffer. Thanks so much for the responses.
  7. I was recently diagnosed in march and also have thyroid disease. I am getting better but these fingers are still there. I still follow a very strict diet (6 weeks) in grass fed beef, veggies except nightshades, fruit. It's almost relieving to hear of someone that has a similar ailment.
  8. Has anyone had loss of full bend in index fingers? They both bend but only to 90 degrees.
  9. I recently had a positive celiac panel test and have been gluten free for 45 days. I also have hypothyroid disease and had a positive ANA 1:320 speckled. The Rheum. at Wake Forest was unimpressed with that number and me not having any joint pain but rather inflammation and tendonitis which is believed to be caused by celiac. My recovery process has been slow but is improving, however I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced or is experiencing whole body stiffness. I am stiff the entire day. I know thyroid issues can cause stiffness and I also know I am deficient in Vit D, Magnesium, Vit B and maybe more. Sometimes I think I'm crazy, I am doing therapeutic massage and she said my entire body was tight and I had muscle knots everywhere. She used trigger points and it helped but here I am again this morning stiff. Ugh. I have three small children and it kills me to not be the way I used to be.
  10. Systemic Tendonitis

    Duh I'm so new to this disease that I forget you guys actually know what I'm talking about. Lol I ate those rice crackers yesterday like a crutch lol I'll take the small things... so what is chiro massage? Right now I go to his office they hook me into some machine that sends electrical pulses into my back, then it rolls my back. Then he either massages my feet and stretches that muscle or pulls my right hand so that it's stretching the tendons (I guess). I just want someone to take me by the hand and say - this is what is going on, this is why and we're going to do this. I thought my chiro was that person - he talked about my feet causing my knees, seemed to think whatever the treatment plan he has laid out for me would work but then his comment on Friday made me want to scream. I asked, "why did I get trigger finger or whatever in my other hand, what is going on" I don't know maybe it's an autoimmune or maybe it's not... and I was like ummm what is thyroid disease or celiac? Didn't you tell me 3 weeks ago that the inflammation was systemic caused by my leaky gut etc. I left my original doctor because after I went to her with feet pain she ran an arthritis panel which everything came back fine except my ANA which was slightly elevated according to the doctors at Wake Forest and the Rheumys wouldn't even see me unless I came back with other symptoms than joint pain and foot pain. Then I found Dr, Susan (functional medicine) whom I love just because she listened to me and had the forethought to test me for celiac or I would have just been going around in circles. It's just hard because I want to be better, feel better all the time. Nothing aching, nothing swollen. Oh and a big piece of cake gluten free of course
  11. Systemic Tendonitis

    I've been doing the functional medicine elimination diet no soy, corn, wheat, gluten, diary, sugar, caffeine for 29 days now. I am definitely getting ready to start my period and just grumpy. It's almost my body is like an old car, when one thing broke, everything did. Has anyone tried acupuncture before? I honestly don't know what to do - I've been to the chiropractor for a month now and although my range of motion is better, I can't tell if and when it's suppose to help? I feel like it's a big puzzle, luckily I'll get to see my doctor in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone had leaky gut? I have a feeling that's the next thing I will have to deal with.
  12. Systemic Tendonitis

    You're right. I guess I keep wanting the quick response. I try to remind myself that it took me "x" number of years to get to this place and it will take some time to get better. Today is a particalurly bad day, my feet haven't hurt like this in a long time and my fingers were swollen (I couldn't get my rings on for church). I had some rice crackers yesterday and some very salty spinach, I'm wondering if salt could play a part into it. I need to focus on this will be a long journey not a short one. I just get discouraged when I'm at an appt and a practioner tells me "I don't know why your symptoms haven't cleared after 28 days." Today is one of those days (right before my period) that I would kill for a hamburger or cake... this elimination diet doesn't contain either of those
  13. Systemic Tendonitis

    Thank you so much for the replies. Sometimes I feel as if the world thinks I'm crazy. I go to a chiropractor and when I asked him why etc., it's always well it could an AI and I'm like duh you know I was just diagnosed with celiac and I have hypothyroid disease. Mentally, emotionally, and "inside" I feel better than I have in years in just 28 days; but the tendon issues are just there. My husband, who has been great, travels a lot for work and they've let him stay home to help some but I know that won't last too much longer. It just seems like the list goes on and on. Plantar fasciitis, knee issues, an injury that lead to trigger finger... I'm really trying to continue to be positive but with summer coming and 3 kids 5 and under - I just want to be completely whole again. It's nice to know that others had successful outcomes with their issues no matter how long it took.
  14. I developed tendonitis in my left foot in 1995 I was 17. I developed hypothyroidism in 1996 @ 18. Ive had tendon issues in my left foot since and at some point also in my right. I have had plantar faciitis in both feet for over a year. In January muacles were really sore and tenderness in hands. In March I tested positive with blood work for celiac. My vit d, vit b, and iron were very low while sed rate waa low but crp was high. Now my ortho says my fingers have trigger fingers in both hands aka tendonitis. Has anyone else experienced system wide inflammation and had it go away off of gluten? Ive only been off gluten for 27 days. What else could be going on or is this normal?
  15. Stiff And Swollen Fingers

    I believe I have chronic tendonitis in my palms, wrists, knees, and feet. I think you're right exercise would help. Right now I do some stretching with ice at night. In my hands I have swelling beneath my index finger palm side. I also use a product named zeel... I love it.