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  1. This is a brilliant thread ........the vision thing - I often wake up and feel that my eyes don't work because I just can't focus. Just thought was getting old - but maybe given time that will go!! Now I hope my (almost daily) migraines will ease as well. Thanks so much for wonderful thread!
  2. One other question if that's ok. Today I'm suddenly constipated. Is this normal when coming off gluten?
  3. Many thanks all for the advice! Much appreciated. Will give it time and not be too impatient! Lactose is something I will take out as well, but was wondering whether the lactase enzyme supplements would help here? I have always tended not to use too many processed foods - but will steer clear totally for a while. Thanks again!
  4. I am first week in to gluten free diet and (ever impatient) wondered when I would start to feel better. Just feel tired, worn out, stomach achy etc.... Would be keen to hear when other people started to feel more lively!
  5. My son has gluten intolerances and I have just found out that I am celiac. How common is it to be diagnosed this late? Also, I need to be very careful with contamination with my son (ie no sharing toasters etc). Does the same contamination risk apply to celiac? Thankyou