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  1. Speakin of Pizza bases, have any of you tried cauliflower? I discovered it when I went on a low carb diet... it's riced cauliflower, egg and mozzarella cheese rolled into a ball first and then pressed flat and baked until crispy. Pizza sauce and toppings are added in the last few minutes of cooking. It tastes good, is healthy and actually looks quite like a real pizza. My 4 yr old was suspicious though when he pick up a slice and it gave a little. :-)
  2. mmmmm I might as well describe my food as a dog's dinner after this description!
  3. Foil wrapped chicken with fennel, red bell peppers. Won't be home in time to cook tonight, so I guess wifey will get take out and I'll get a call at 6:30 to pick it up on my way home.
  4. Picky Eaters - Fussy Eaters - http://t.co/PcEBNgUPjP http://t.co/tG4ZoKP9qn

  5. I've developed my lactose intolerance after my mid 20's. I never did get tested for gluten. We've just been eating gluten free because of my wife's intolerance. Maybe worth testing myself as well.
  6. We had cod "breaded" in potato flakes, mushy peas and oven roasted new potatoes. My scottish wife misses her fish and chips sometimes... Now if only I could find a vinegar that tasted like malt vinegar, but didn't have gluten I'd be a hero!
  7. Can you recommend some Love2travel? I like dukkah too. Makes a good crust for chicken.
  8. Making Food For Others

    In my area of northern California, I find Sprouts supermarket to be reasonable. One of our big costs is bread... my wife loves bread and has not been able to give it up even though I try to cook other whole foods. They often have Udi's bread on sale and I buy a whole bunch and freeze it. I agree with other people who have posted here. There are lots of foods that are naturally gluten free, so switch to those kinds of foods. If you stick to things that are traditionally made from wheat it get's difficult to keep food costs low. For instance, buy corn tortillas which are gluten free from several low cost brands rather than a tortilla made from a mix of other gluten free flours and made to "look" like other wheat tortillas or wraps.
  9. Cookbook Recommendations?

    For me the most useful places to get recipe ideas from is from blog sites. There are plenty of gluten free bloggers out ther who are trying out recipes. Some are even adventurous enough to try to make gluten free naan bread! Try typing gluten free recipes and you'll find a lot of bloggers out there. I especially like glutenfreegoddess. She even has a itunes app! I started off my gluten free cooking by doing a replacement of all my chinese cooking sauces. Since they have soy sauce in them, they almost always have gluten in them. And then I bought an "all purpose gluten free flour". Bob'd Red Mill is a good brand. You'll need it to thicken sauces etc.
  10. " I stir fry most days!" Me too. One of the ways I get my 4 yr old son to eat veggies. I still have load the fork myself a couple of times... with the veggies under the rice so he will eat it.
  11. Is gluten intolerance the main reason for lactose intolerance as well?
  12. Wow you really can cook. The combination of Vanilla beans and Cherry with pork chops sounds yummy!
  13. Middle eastern inspired chicken cooked with Zaatar (a middle eastern spice mix), purple potato fries. Yummy!  !  I know the plate is missing veggies, but we started off with a kale soup made with homemade chicken broth, so I can be forgiven!
  14. I can't have soy at the moment, but miss the flavor of gluten-free soy sauce for stir fry. I added a couple of shredded anchovies today, which was quite good, but wondered if anyone has a favorite alternative? Thanks Hi Mindwarp, I bought coconut aminos which looks and tastes like soy. I found it when I was looking for coconut sugar which is supposedly low glycemic (I'm pre diabetic). It tastes pretty good and is made from fermented coconut sap. Hopefully you're not allergic to coconut. There's also another thing called "black bean soy sauce" but it's more difficult to find. I couldn't find it online and have to trek to an asian grocery store to find it. It's worth having a bottle if you like stir frys. They use rice flour to thicken it, so it gives your stir frys a nice glaze if you use it.
  15. So it was confirmed as a peanut allergy and the doctor said it is a strong one. We did suspect he had a peanut allergy because when he was about a yr and half, he had a minor reaction on a plane and we thought it might be the peanuts they served and that we ate them and then touched him or he touched the food trays. Then about a year ago he was at a play date and the parents of his friend called and said he ate some Ritz crackers with peanut butter filling and that we should pick him up. He was fine that evening and I started to relax about it. And then he has this strong reaction to a protein bar and the scratch test shows a definite positive to peanuts. I don't get it and feel stupid. I can't believe we actually relaxed about peanuts given what we now know.