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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes, I'm staying on gluten. I still eat my Thin Mint cookies. Gotta finish those girl scout cookies but 2 or 3 at a time. Pop-Tarts and do have bread, but just a bit. Just trying to not overdo it. That was actually a regular meal for us. He just happened to buy those hot dogs because they were on sale. Sabrets and it had a certified gluten-free symbol on the front. I was getting the grugling, rumbling just about all the time. Mine is mostly on my right side after certain meals and I can pretty much trace it to breads, especially my favorite rye bread sandwiches. Yes, it's scary and annoying. Along with the stomach ache. That's the first time the bathroom trip results in that and gas has been that bad. I seen bits of food, like blueberries, once not to long ago before from blueberry pancakes but it didn't didn't seem to cause any problems.(non-gluten) That was new for me. I'm going to try that. A bit of each and see. I love coleslaw, I hope I can eat that. But I did learn some yoga moves, that was fun in the middle of the night-lol.
  2. It was a can of store brands Ingredients are prepared cabbage water salt That's it. Pretty sure not food posioning because hubby ate the same. It is normal to have undigested food in "bowel movement" about 36 hrs later?
  3. Thank you. I have a call into the Dr now and told her specifically that this is what I what to discuss.
  4. I am not officially dignosed yet but have been trying to stick to as much gluten-free as possible. Less painful. Anyway, I had labeled gluten free beef hot dogs and saukerkraut last night. No bread. Never had a problem with either before. But last night, about an hour after eating. I have such horrible bloating, cramps and gas pains like I never had in my life. Thought saukerkraut was ok. I couldn't pass gas either but felt like I needed to or go to the bathroom. Tried some yoga positions that I found on the Internet to try to move gas. After about 2 hrs of this, I was able to go the bathroom and it was not stool-like at all but very watery and I could actually see pieces of mushrooms that I had for dinner the night before. This happened several times. This morning's was basically nothing and still have some minor bloating and pains. What happened? This is all new to me. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum and totally confused. Basically, I was on a course of antibiotics about 6 months ago and then my problems started. It began with a gurgling right side, bloating, gas and a feeling of fullness that lasted a long time after I ate espcially certain foods. Tried probiotics, no help. Now it's many more including the gurgling, BM that are mostly loose with that varying colors and undigested food. Occasionally, difficult to go. I blurp from just drinking water. In reading the symptoms, I do get brain fog, shaky after certain meals. I am tired after eating and must nap after lunch which is usually a sandwich on rye bread which made me sick for 2 days last time I had it. If dinner is breaded or contains pasta, I'm ready to feel asleep. I get weak, shaky legs and in bed by 7, asleep by 8pm. My doctor "threw" in some tests for cealics as an afterthought at my last checkup. They are as follows Anti-Endomysial 1:10 Ref <1:10 (Marked as anormal) Gliadin, IgG, Abs. <20 Ref <20 (marked as negative) Gliadin, IgA, Abs <20 Ref <20 (marked as negative) I tried talking to her and she said I was "on the cusp". Then she moved onto other things and we never got back to it. I am calling her tomorrow and will discuss it more. What tests should I get to get a definate answer? Is there any other tests I should have? Like vitamins, B12 & folic acid were low but came up on supplements, haven't been tested in awhile. I did some experimenting and have avoided any gluten heavy foods and feel better after eating them. Not competely gluten-free because I read you have stay on gluten to do accurate testing. But I really feel bad after eating food with gluten so I don't want to even eat. My Sed Rate is always elevated. My Vitamin D is always low. My iron level is low normal. I am also positive for hashimotos and graves antibiodies but not on meds due to stable thyroid numbers at the moment. Any help appreciated. Does any of this point to cealics/gluten problem or do I have another problem? Thank you so much. PS- This forum is wonderful and full of great information.