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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The lactose intolerance is usually from prolonged periods of time not digesting foods with lactose in it. Your body stops producing the enzyme. The lactose intolerance from celiacs is from the tips of the villi breaking off when the intestine is damaged. So you're both right but it is an indication of celiac if removing lactose doesn't fix the problem. I've read a little on it but I *try* to limit my "crazy time" on google n even sites like these to a reasonable window of time nowadays cuz if I already feel like crap confusing myself with too much information is just gonna make it worse so I may be wrong (or most likely only have part of the picture lol)
  2. I Want My Pre Gluten-Free Life Back

    I know this is an old post (actually from around the time I was diagnosed) but I was hoping if ya got the chance ya could update on what happened with all that? I felt like I was reading something I would have written just a few weeks ago when i might have been accidentally gluttened and I'm still having all sorts of weird stuff that seems to happen when my iron drops low even though I haven't become anemic again due to ongoing infusions... Since you're a couple months ahead of me I figured I'd see if there's been any glimmers of light at the end of that tunnel tho?
  3. Ada

    I work local government and they took FMLA paperwork from my blood doc no problem for the iron infusions n continuining doc appts as well as any reason she may pull me from work again (no light duty at my job and she pulled me for the anemia until it was "under control") If your doc knows a rough time period of how frequently (mine was possible every 3 mo) she can add that to the paperwork and you're covered as long as HR approves it but your immediate supervisor has nothing to do with that. The FMLA paperwork can always be revised later also. Hope it helps, guess I'm lucky I have a pretty easy going boss and HR just put it thru so thanx for reminding me to be grateful because any other job I'm fairly sure I would have lost by now. They never suggested ADA though, only FMLA... Maybe it's different regulations I dunno... Let us know how it works out and good luck with it all
  4. I've also had quite a few inexplicable neurological issues for quite some time now. Almost 20 years ago I had a team of docs including some great neurologists looking for reasons behind my migraines and other various symptoms as a kid. Since diagnosed and going gluten free most of these things have vastly improved but I still struggle with a lot of those things which I'm starting to sort out with the docs now. I also have an iron deficiency issue which seems to be very much related to those issues when my iron count is low. If your body is able to absorb it and your stomach can handle it i would at the very least suggest attempting iron supplements to see if it helps any... It may at least make it more bearable until you can get the testing done because the gluten most definitely does all sorts of those things also... Good luck n keep us updated
  5. It seems like maybe you suddenly started paying more attention to his issues with gluten and making it more of a priority in your life because you're thinking ahead to the life you two will be sharing. I'd be freaked out and snappy if I were him. First of, obvious you're starting to look more long term which forces him to look at it too. Secondly, the way you go about it prob makes him feel like you're trying to "fix" him or normalize it. Third, you're prob talking it to death with him. Don't keep talking about it jut do it. Don't make a big deal about it and don't freakin mention the disease. If you're going out to eat say gluten free like not a diet but ill actually get sick from it. If he isn't capable of saying these things for himself by now he needs to learn how to be and it's very possible he was just getting to that point when he felt like you were taking over. Having an advocate for you is fantastic but when it comes down to it the really empowering thing is knowing that you can do it alone. Mistakes are a part of the process, don't correct him in front of the waiter, point it out to him once the waiter leaves and let him correct the situation. Let him talk to you about it and ask questions. He's had this going on longer than you. He wants for you to come to him before telling him what you read somewhere else. Don't treat him like a child and he won't act like one.... Unless he eats gluten... Then he might lol, but do your best to ignore it and he'll prob feel like a dumbass a few days later and be super apologetic.... Kudos for bein proactive you're doing everything everyone wig celiac wants someone to do but it's a choice for you out of love and its not for him. It's terribly difficult being the broken one a saint is in love with ya kno? Allow him his mood swings. If he's been doing what he's supposed to do for health and he was insecure about it then its prob hard for him to have you waltz around makin that s$#& look easy and being so knowledgable. This stuff is overwhelming for those of us with foggy brains and aches and pains who love pizza and funnel cake. It takes us a while and it's hard to see someone else just get it when they don't even have to. I hope that wasn't insulting cuz kudos really but don't overtalk it with him.
  6. Does anybody know about herbal essences?
  7. I would have never taken any of this crap nearly as serious as I do now had I not gotten a biopsy tho in all fairness they would have never done that had they not already been looking for ulcers and my bloodwork would not have indicated it. I am learning this is a disease which makes it absolutely necessary for you to really learn how to be your own advocate especially with docs. Not to say at a you shouldn't have a little trust and faith in em but they don't have to actually experience what you're going thru they just have to diagnose and prescribe treatment... Had I already for some ungodly reason given up my pasta and bread and cookies not to mention my cherished pizza and noticed a difference in the myriad of health crap I grew accustomed to then I'm not sure i could say the same... That's how I was finally diagnosed tho and even reading about false positives and personally having a false negative on bloodwork I would have had doubts (lol it took past the 2nd biopsy for me to stop asking him for a differential diag as is)
  8. When Did The D And C Get Better For You?

    I'm still new to it all n figuring it out so its only been a few months for me but even the milk in my coffee, yogurt at lunch, ESPECIALLY the ice cream at night became apparent to me... I try to eat on a pretty regular schedule now which makes everything else more scheduled n routine and makes my life 10x easier stress wise but I alwaysalways eat a lactaid chewable with my ice cream and one with lunch or meals with a lotta cheese or milk (even my favorite cheese puffs will do it with how many I eat). Anyways If you're curious try some ice cream (that's safe, at home) without it (and really commit to it, tell your family that half gallon is all yours and its for health reasons lol) if it is a prob eat more with some lactaid and see if that helps... Just be aware if you're eating other things with lactose in it because it'll confuse you during your "experiment" they're right about cross contamination tho I had to get a new frying pan because I was pretty sure it mildly happened in the beginning making pancakes (odd, huh?) in the same skillet I had always used for French toast n grilled cheese before... My pot and pan are red now nothing else is and all my utensils are brightly colored and in a separate area... Separate sponge away from the others for hand washing things, etc... It was overwhelming but it's at least getting easier in that area (tho to be fair I think I must have been accidentally glutened somehow fairly recently *but* I'm fairly confident it was when I ate out and it didnt happen at home despite still having normal eating folk in the home)
  9. Unable To Cry

    LMFAO I feel like crap dunno if its just terrible allergies or if this is what its like to get gluttened but i had to miss out on fun and because I don't wanna make myself worse *which is so freakin hard when it's so much more fun to play than take care of yourself* and your replies made my day so far! Btw I might be onna those rare women who doesn't wanna be fixed and doesn't think it's sweet when someone tries to... id rather crawl in a corner alone n either die or get better (which just so happens to be what im doing now lol) but a good laugh when I don't expect it is truly priceless... On topic though, I don't cry like most folk let alone women folk n y'all make me very uncomfortable when ya start doin all that cuz I don't know what to do with you or how to help you and at these times it seems apparent that y'all have no idea either... I cry at movies sometimes, like my eyes get watery and my nose gets stuffy/runny but I've only cried a few good times the past few years and its usually more than a slightly delayed reaction... I think I've gotten so used to dealing with "life" that I know when things are happening and i feel like breaking down that i still need to keep pushing thru it. I can see how I should have cried lotsa times and maybe should even cry recollecting it but it is what it is and I've done what I could do. It's not that I'm numb and don't have emotions n feelings n whatnot all that Im just not a crier unless I'm fighting the reality of something and finally hit a breaking point but I *try*not to fight my feelings... Or reality lol Btw If I hit myself in the thumb with a hammer i don't end up crying I just end up hurting the rest of my hand hitting something I shouldn't (or whatever the hammer flies into)... Cursing but no crying...
  10. I went to buy these Philly swirls Italian ice squeeze pops at Walmart and they wouldnt scan then i was told they weren't for sale because they had been recalled... I have been eating these recently (still have some i just bought earlier in the week) and tried to find any info about it but couldn't... Any suggestions? I'd like to know I really like those things they're delicious
  11. I was pissed when I went to cook it and saw that warning the first time and wanted to go back to the store and break every bag but I eventually actually looked the company up and on their website they claim to regularly test it and ensure it is below 20ppm (the standard for certified gluten free now from what I understand) to be fair I still haven't eaten it because I realized I'm having a difficult time with a lot of the pastas right now anyways.
  12. I didn't realize I had lactose problems until about 2 months into it all and still tried to ignore it for another month. The ice cream did me in finally. And I had to try it again *just to make sure*. My doc recommended I get some lactaid and take that before eating ice cream again and if that helped then it was a sorta self-diag... I'd try it with Ice cream to see if its lactose for some reason edys did it more with me but overall the lactaid helps significantly.
  13. The bread is the worst part... I think I offended someone who bakes their own bread by telling her it tasted like marshmallows (which was meant as a compliment because by all means it was still the best most I had tried till then). I got used to eating things like hotdogs and hamburgers with rice and stuff like that which I kinda prefer now even tho I've gotten accustomed enough to appreciate some udis bread at least... I usually warm my white sandwich bread in the microwave just to thaw it and sprinkle some shredded cheese on it before hand so it melts in a little then I toast it for like 15 seconds turns out alright for sandwiches I just load a lot of meat and cheese on em now. Best advice for bread tho is French toast. Some breads need to be soaked longer before frying them tho. French toast is where it's at tho
  14. Floydfest 12 Rise And Shine!

    Thank you two so very much for your responses! I hadnt thought of actually freezing most things although i do use tupperware and we will be able to leave if need be.. I've been trying to do this thing pretty much on my own and its incredibly frustrating sometimes. I'm realizing there's still a lot of food I can eat and I feel a lot better overall but it's hard sometimes. I saw everyone's posts when I was first diagnosed and was like "look at these neurotic freaks... That's just overkill" but it didnt take long for me to realize I was sadly among those ranks and with normal people that's when I start getting anxious and awkward because even I think this s$#& is weird and I can't really expect them to understand. I have followed all the suggestions I saw on cross contamination and I'm pretty neurotic about it because its hard to know if I've been cross contaminated considering I didn't know what were symptoms from what in the first place and I also apparently start to have symptoms when my iron drops low again (I have to have infusions.) I've been sorta wingin it all with a whole lot of hope and faith and just keep doing what I'm told to dealing with everything as it happens... But I wanted to say wow because I get so anxious and feel like its my own personal burden and struggle. I feel like it makes me weird and I didn't even want to tell anyone about it let alone ask for much help and wow... Every little bit I open up more about it let alone actually ask for help in any way I get more than what I need in response... I did want to share with y'all the responses I got via email (because y'all taught me from my skulking around when in doubt contact them directly) from across the way productions who make floydfest happen for shiny happy people like me "Great that you reached out to Monique. Yes there will be fresh fruit too. I will send this on to our vendor coordinnator to see if she can give you some guidance but do realize we are very busy. We will definitely take your siuggestions and explain these options better next year in the website. Safe travels and we'll see you soon AtWP" And almost immediately afterward "Lisa, Most of our vendors offer gluten free options. However, there are very few who are strictly gluten free, meaning they have no gluten in their kitchen. If you are extremely sensitive, I would recommend bringing your own food and going to Goatocado (salads and bowls with quinoa) and Pulp (Acai berry bowls, traditional Brazilian breakfast and lunch. Our global village vendor, Carolina Arepas makes corn cake wraps, no wheat. Moniques crepes has gluten free savory crepes but does make white flour sweet crepes in her kitchen. Green light café has many gluten free options including a gluten free bread so you can still get a sandwhich. You can get burgers without buns and the like at most vendors as well. Hope this helps. Thanks, Lindsay Newsome Vendor Coordinator Across-the-Way Productions, Inc." I learned how to do these things from y'all so I really wanted to say thank you
  15. Hello, I've been skulking around on here a little while now since I was diagnosed in march but I haven't posted anything yet... These forums have been an invaluable tool for me sorting thru the ins and outs of all this so far and I'm hoping ill be able to ask more questions as I go on but something big is about to happen for me and I'm super excited but still anxious when I consider the food thing... It's my first time going to a music festival gluten free and other than packing my own non-perishable food I've got no ideas. I'm sure we can get ice for our cooler but I know I'm going to have to limit cold items. I was *hoping* someone on here may have some festival experience (it's four days) and could give me some tips I've tried looking some of the vendors up and have found out that some offer gluten free foods that look delicious (like crepes) but also wondered if I should even risk the cross contamination factor? I am fairly newly diagnosed and as of the second biopsy despite following the guidelines I was given I was told there was no improvement but that's another post I guess lol... I'm really excited about the festival itself so if you have anything bad to say about that I'd appreciate you don't respond at all; however, any advice anyone may have would be greatly appreciated! It's way outside of my comfort zone now to try this but ill be damned if this stupid disease is gonna keep me from livin my life! Thanx all