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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Also began wondering is I should be even more alarmed by the extreemly high Tissue Tranglutaminase IgA if 1942.3. Really hoping it doesn't indicate anything more sinister than Celiac. I will talk to the Primary care next week, but why do I always freak out on the weekends. Has anyone ever even seen a value that high?
  2. Intro And Question

    Thanks all for your input. The endocrinologist ran a bunch of blood tests on my daughter because of her short statue. The only ones in the “Celiac Panel” were the Immunglobulin A which came out at a 65 and the Tissue Transglutaminase IgA which was 1943.4 (my original post was from memory and slightly off) I don’t like the idea of waiting until June because I don’t want to cause anymore damage to her body, but she had no other symptoms besides her height so she feels fine. We are on a cancelation waiting list, so we will see if we can get in sooner. I asked my OBGYN to run the Transglutaminase test just to rule me out…never suspected a positive result. I see my Primary care on Tuesday to follow up, maybe he will run a more extensive test. He is my daughter’s Doc too so, I will ask him if we should run the rest of the panel suggested. All this stuff is new to be, not really how I wanted to continue my education, but best to know now, and good that it is something controllable by a healthier diet not a lifetime on meds. Best to all of you.
  3. Hi, My name is Kris and we are very likely in the process of getting my 8yo DD diagnosed with celiac. Our Dr. sent her to an endocrinologist to investigate her short stature , (<1%) . He ran blood work on her tissue transglutaminase iga was 1,992, a GI appointment in June and trying to learn as much as we can in the meantime. In the meantime I had a routine apt. with my gynecologist, and I asked him to run a tissue transglutaminase iga on me, since celiac tends to be genetic. (Although I don’t have any symptoms that I am aware of) My # came out at 78 although my gynecologist does not really know what means. I think that’s a positive result, but I can’t find much on the web to confirm. I will call my primary care tomorrow. But thought I’d ask you all tonight. Thanks for accepting me into your group and thanks in advance for your input.