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  1. I do not personally have celiac disease but my husband does. I am writing on his behalf today. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005 but didn't truly eat gluten-free (assumed hard-shell tacos from Taco Bell were safe, etc.) until 2009. I won't go into details but I am also gluten-free now, have been for a few years, so there is not gluten in our house and therefore no cross-contamination there. My husband has never truly felt "himself" again. Some days he feels fine and some days he's exhausted after eating, sometimes even ravenously hungry right after eating. He does definitely have hypoglycemia issues but this goes beyond hypoglycemia. Even when we keep a very accurate food journal for him we can honestly find no patterns, no rhyme or reason to his symptoms. He also seems to lose and gain weight quickly (might lose four pounds after several days of eating well-balance, high calorie meals which we've even started tracking, then go back to his normal weight without doing anything different) and I'm wondering if that is malabsorption. Is this common? It seems to me like this kind of strange problem should have gone away now that it's been almost four years of being gluten-free. He has certainly seen many other symptoms disappear but I believe ALL of the other symptoms disappeared within a few days to six months of eating gluten-free. What gives? He's been tested for diabetes and other food allergies, although not recently.