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  1. Hello, I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in 2003 while pregnant with my third daughter. In 2008 I had ulcers further up in the colon. My colitis presentation is not "typical" however, in that the inflammation is not continuous but rather spotty, but it is not all the way through the mucosa like in Crohn's. I do, however have all of the typical IBD symptoms (pain, blood, mucous, D, cramps), off and on, mild to moderate, thankfully never bad enough to land me in the hospital. I switched gastroenterologists last year and he suspected that perhaps I had undiagnosed celiac disease which had contributed to my IBD. I had a celiac blood panel and these were the results: Gliadin IgG 18.99 U/mL Positive Gliadin IgA 11.29 U/mL Negative TTG IgG 20.98 U/mL Positive Total IgA 265 mg/dL He did an endoscopy, though visual inspection saw some mild blunting of the villi, the histology was negative for celiac. After being on a gluten-free diet for two months, I had another test: TTG IgA 8.44 Negative I also had the genetic test done and I was NEGATIVE for both DQ2 and DQ8. I understand that often the blood test can be false negative when the genetics say predisposed to celiac. I think my case is perhaps unusual that I am borderline positive on the blood test, but negative genetically. Does this mean I am non-celiac gluten intolerant? And what does that even mean? I have been reading about "leaky gut". Perhaps if tested I would have antibodies to many other foods as well. As a result of the negative genetic test, I went back on gluten. I actually felt great over the summer but now I am in a flare again along with quite a bit of esophagitis so I am wondering if that was such a great idea. Thanks for your time.